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  • Would like to know if….?

    Question by wolfinator25840: Would like to know if….?
    I would like know if any one else out their has a crazy animal house like me. We have a wolf mix and a spaniel mix that like to run in our goat and sheep pen, with them. No, none go after the other. We have cockatiels (2), cats (14), hamsters (20 lost one yesterday), a rabbit, a kingnake, and an iguana, all of which do interact with supervision with each at times. The rabbit plays with the cats only when spaniel mix is out, wolf mix is scared of it and hides. One of the cats will play with the hamster in their play yard and washes them. My oldest female cat washes them too, but only if I hold them. My one cat lets the birds walk on her and she just lays there. The snake has his favorite cats too. The iguana (40″) plays with our youngest a 5 month old kitten we recently rescued from a dumpster. Does anyone else have animals that can interact like mine do?

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    Answer by BIG T
    No not that well! LOL

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    7 Responses to “Would like to know if….?”

    1. no because i can’t properly afford to take care of that many pets. if you can good for you. what was your question, i got lost somewhere around the goats bathing the lizards…………..

    2. wow u must be busy..!! yeah its funny how they know that they’re not supposed to eat each other….. used to have a cat that wouldn’t touch the tame birds cuz she knew not to….
      animals are alot smarter than we think

    3. Not anymore, but I used to. Had a ball python, we typically fed him white mice. Pet store was out one day, so we bought a brown one. They shared the tank for about 6 weeks, the snake absolutely refused to eat him. Snake would curl up on the heat rock, the mouse would climb into the center of the curl, and they’d sleep. Also had a guinea pig for a few years, (kept her in the kitchen, she learned to ‘speak’ every time you opened the fridge to ask for a carrot), and the cat used to lay on top of the cage. Curiosity (or stupidity) made us open the cage top one day. Cat got in the cage and started cleaning the guinea pig. This became routine… cat would climb on cage and cry until we let him get in there with her.

    4. Yes i have alot of animals also, i have a dog, budgie, scaley breasted lorikeet, 2 rainbow lorikeet, 2 axolotls, and 2 turtles nearly all of which i plan to breed from.