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  • Garbage truck drivers busted, thanks to GPS systems

    Garbage truck drivers busted, thanks to GPS systems
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    Nov. 8 — Thanks to GPS technology inside Albuquerque, N.M., garbage trucks, city officials have caught drivers misusing their time.

    Chief operations officer John Soladay said the city added GPS systems to each truck to boost efficiency, and they have: saving $ 750,000 by using data from the devices to re-route existing routes, according to the KOB TV station in Albuquerque.

    But they’ve also busted drivers who took extended lunch breaks, left the city and ran personal errands.

    They also found drivers, on at least two occasions, running their own side-businesses out of the trucks, the station reported.

    The GPS sends a signal to managers every three minutes alerting them of where drivers are.

    “We had one specific driver who came in at six in the morning and would pick up his truck,” Soladay told the station. “He would drive home until a little after eight in the morning and then go out do his collection for the day.”

    Behavior has improved since drivers found out they were being tracked, Soladay said.

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