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    there can’t be many cities where it’s easy to dumpster dive a decent bike, but if there is one it’s copenhagen.
    we have more bikes than people (i just made that up). and the number of bikes that are discarded around the city,
    left to rust in our shitty weather, is nothing but depressing. someone stomped the wheel or your gears got jammed,
    so the ride is left half-locked to a post. and the worst thing is that you can’t identify the dumped bikes until it’s too late.
    it makes me angry. even bikes left outside our apartment, i can scourge them for parts,
    but they’re never going to be a decent ride again.

    discared bikes are routinely rounded up and collected by the police.
    and if you like talking to the cops you can go and ask them for one before they’re recycled
    (more likely shipped off to china, what do i know?). or you could find a collection pile in the
    street before they’re taken away and help yourself. no one is going to complain.
    the only problem is the ring lock on the back wheel. you can have fun trying to remove that yourself.

    this is why i’m so happy when i find a moderately functioning bike in the dumpster in our courtyard,
    complete with key left in the lock. thankyou thankyou thankyou. i spent a couple hours fixing
    all the tiny things wrong with it, showing the world how shiny it is under the dirt, wrapping it with
    “danger global warming” tape, and look at it now:

    it’s just beautiful.

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