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  • Homeless In America – A sobering picture

    We decided to dumpster dive early this morning. We felt we needed to change up the routine.

    The first picture is a bed of a homeless man behind a dumpster. Out of respect for the man or woman who is sleeping there, we tried to keep the location secret so he/she is not hassled by anyone.

    This is what we see on a regular basis. My husband insisted I take a picture and show you the world and my loyal readers what we see.

    For you foreign readers, this is very common in the USA. A constitutional republic that our ancestors fought and died for and now their descendants are homeless on the nation that their forefathers conquered.

    It’s truly heartbreaking. There is simply no reason for this poverty. No reason. There is plenty of money to go around. If you read my previous article about occupy wall street, you’ll see my point of view.

    My entire truck was full by the time I came home. Full. Cake mix, towels, rugs, candles, children’s toys, juice, hair clips for women, lotion, aloe vera lotion, paper plates and fancy tropical napkins. The pictures tell it all.

    The one thing I did allow myself to keep was my leopard print throw I found. Last week I found a leopard print bar stool (which needs some minor repair by my handsome handyman husband). It’s quite lovely. But had I met that homeless person in person I might have given him/her my throw.

    We invited the neighbors over for a first pick. Two couples, one older with a teenage daughter and the other with 2 youngsters. They took home many boxes of good stuff. All of us were happy tonight.

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