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  • Coffee and Windchimes

    Decided to go to the local planetarium to watch a laser light show. When I asked my husband what he thought, he said oh it’s OK. I reminded him he was singing along with the songs in the show! He said, oh well, I liked it a lot.

    On the way home, we decided to stop at a few places where we usually score and tonight we were not disappointed.

    Found 6 intact containers of coffee (expired this summer) but as far as I know coffee really doesn’t go stale unless it’s opened. So for now, we have enough coffee for about a year. We had found 4 containers at this same locale a week ago.

    Found about a half dozen wind chimes. Most of them are all tangled but I’ll untangle them tomorrow and hang them on our carport. Two were OK so they’re hanging up now. I love the way wind chimes sound in the wind.

    Also recovered 6 boxes of trisket crackers. I love those things. They’re especially handy with dip if we have company over OR if we want a quick snack of fruit, cheese, deli meat and crackers. Goes good with wine.

    4 wash cloths. Those do not go bad and they only wear out. Since I’m a neat and tidy freak, the more cloths and cleaners, the better.

    Since my inventory is high and space is tight, I’m only getting things out of the dumpster I can immediately use or give to my neighbors. With space of the essence, I can’t get everything. What I have been doing is taking the stuff I cannot use and neatly setting it to the side. That way another diver can get it and use it.

    It’s a lovely moonlight night tonight. The breeze blowing on my face feels wonderful!

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