You know one of my siblings told me one day I’d find money in the dumpster and last night I did.

My husband and I were out on our usual route, it was raining so there weren’t a lot of cars out.

The first dumpster we went to didn’t have much but a bag caught my husband’s eye. We took it, look like some used T-shirts that we could wash and give to charity so we grabbed it.

When we got home, something fell out and hit the pavement. At first I thought it was a screw or a bolt, it was a silver 1 oz dollar coin. Worth about $ 40! I was stoked. I thought woo hoo!

Now THIS, boys and girls is manifestation at work. Big time!

The rest of our scores:
Halloween costumes, masks, fake swords
A box of paperback books throw out
A dozen magazines (new)
More picture frames
First time I’d ever found money. I was thrilled!

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