The unofficial documentary-the slightly more professional one will be on it’s way soon!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Dumpster diving: one man’s trash recepticle is another’s hiding spot. Useful for: – Hiding behind enemy lines as the next set of mcoms is opened up – Stealth attack point in certain dumpsters – Secure intel gathering at hotzones through use of motion balls – Reasonably safe and strategic spawn point in certain dumpsters. Are you a dumpster diver? – FBmantis Tactical Gamer hosts three ranked servers for Bad Company 2 on the PC. Our public servers are full of community members interested in a level of tactics and teamwork where squadplay moments will happen every round. Visit to get involved.

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27 Responses to Dumpster Diving Documentary (part 1)

  1. TheUltraNinja says:

    @Meowbay Fear mongering? How do you know this is my intention? I wasn’t fear mongering, germs exits & you’d be surprised what germs exist in those dumpsters! I used to work for Coles Groceries & workers would spit, piss and even do a dump in them! I know, I have seen it. So no fear mongering, just a fact of what I have seen! Don’t use fallacies, pointing out germs, and making a reference to having a greater chance of being killed by a car – That’s bullshit!

  2. Meowbay says:

    @TheUltraNinja This is such ludicrous bullshit, stop that fear-mongering about germs already. We NEED them in our bodies. Only very few are even remotely dangerous, and you would have a bigger chance of getting killed driving a car than eating stuff from a dumpster.

  3. TheUltraNinja says:

    I noticed U where holding a muffin with UR bare hands & then U took a bite out of it. if your not waring gloves and your scurrying through the bin your most likely spreading germs! especially if your handling open food like those muffins! Be careful you don’t get food poisoning! This looks like its a time bomb waiting to happen! I’m sure there are loads of good edible stuff – Enjoy & be safe. Thanks for the vid, You never now how things may go on a global financial scale! U may have competition!

  4. silversobe says:

    There is no reason why we shouldn’t create abundance for everyone. We have the technology and the know how, so lets do it.

  5. AngelixArch says:


  6. vatscove says:

    if its any comment you reply to let it be mine :D i am loving that FPS. whats your rig setup? i can push all medium with about 40-50 fps

  7. Jocks0113 says:

    @TheZx23 I agree

  8. ClubBruggeForEver1 says:

    good tactic but you need to change fast from dumpster.
    From the moment a medic spaw on u and start with his LMG all enemy’s now where you are and will spawn grenades on u :(

  9. Canthary says:

    Such a great battlefield moment right there, loved it.

  10. s0liD1337 says:

    this is how the sniper class is meant to be played! good job

  11. 928baller says:

    i watched most of the videos and u never spot. tsk. but teamwork was okay tho.

  12. alcapone796 says:

    @Janosch11 and not using the vss

  13. timberw01f says:

    Everyone was born inside DUMSTER!!!

  14. StickyLeaf87 says:

    @TheZx23 Hes being and anchor for his squad

  15. liveley08 says:

    try the m24 with red dot sight its funky

  16. NineToez says:

    I prefer the 1X on SMGs and LMGs, however I’d use the 4X when playing this close as Recon IMO.

  17. Itsallgoodinc2 says:

    I love to use the SVU and VSS with an ACOG sight.

  18. TheZx23 says:

    I’m not sure If that’s “squadplay”, it’s more camping than teamwork really :/

  19. thedevo01 says:

    I hate players like these. Does it really require that much effort to spot out the damn enemies?!

  20. mtmatrix3 says:

    @fitzy940 Well, it’s either your mom or an awesome mechanical keyboard from Razerrrr….I actually think it’s the latter though. Lmao

  21. fitzy940 says:

    @mtmatrix3 What the fuck is that? lol

  22. mtmatrix3 says:

    @fitzy940 Sure…That’s what they ALL SAYY!!!! Hey, should I get the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate? Lol

  23. fitzy940 says:

    @mtmatrix3 TRUST ME i assure you it is an SVU haha

  24. mtmatrix3 says:

    @fitzy940 DAHG!!!!!! Why can’t I get a response around here that is consistent and constant with the other data that I am receiving?! Evidently, you are all VERY unreliable third parties!!!! Lmao!!!

  25. fitzy940 says:

    @mtmatrix3 no it is the SVU the VSS is auto :)

  26. nativus222 says:

    @Herandar Because the server rules disable spottiing.

  27. mtmatrix3 says:

    @ic4nh4zch33zburg3r Lmao…Way to give me consistent data guys hahaha

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