Found this at a gas station. Unfortunately got no footage of it being dumped.
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20 Responses to Auburn-Placer 1 yard dumpster

  1. ACX009 says:

    @ThaThunderStorm 300’s would be nice in a place like San Francisco, just put them in all the back alleys, but we don’t have the equipment to handle them and I doubt we’re going to automate anytime if at all. So now we just stick with 1-1.5 yards scattered in the streets and bunches of 96g’s. But, we’re a city of efficiency, our commercial RLs tip two carts at once regardless and FLs are all fitted with dual cart tippers along the cross beams, many with elongated forks. :]

  2. ThaThunderStorm says:

    @ACX009 I wld like to see a 300g here :)

  3. ThaThunderStorm says:

    @ACX009 Or maybe even one 300g :)

  4. KennysTrucks says:

    @ACX009 Ya, I have seen a few vids of that.

  5. ACX009 says:

    @KennysTrucks We do have a lot of drivers that like to double dump them though.

  6. KennysTrucks says:

    @ACX009 True. Yeah, they don’t slam these little things.

  7. KennysTrucks says:

    @mcr8767388 Yeah, they don’t hold much.

  8. ACX009 says:

    @KennysTrucks I personally think it’s a little more economical to use two or three 96g’s but hey, you can’t beat watching one of these tin cans get tossed around by some of those over-torqued FLs we have here.

  9. mcr8767388 says:

    @KennysTrucks we had a company here a long time ago had 1 yd cans like that 1 u wouldnt get much in them maybe 1 day get a video of her getting emptied

  10. bdmcneilusmsl says:

    @KennysTrucks lol

  11. KennysTrucks says:

    @mcr8767388 I actually like it.

  12. KennysTrucks says:

    @bdmcneilusmsl Thanks! You should get one, lol.

  13. KennysTrucks says:

    @legodude24652 Sure is!

  14. KennysTrucks says:

    @3amrepmike3 I do too! The Consolidated Fabricators plant is in Galt, CA. Not that far from me.

  15. KennysTrucks says:

    @ACX009 I didn’t know that. Not many places use 1yd dumpsters.

  16. KennysTrucks says:

    @r6man2 Probably. It sure is, lol.

  17. r6man2 says:

    Very nice! Must be a once a day or twice a day collection because da bin is so small.

  18. ACX009 says:

    We got plenty of these in San Francisco.

  19. 3amrepmike3 says:

    I want one! Id use it for storage lol

  20. legodude24652 says:

    tiny lol