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    (PRWEB) September 23, 2000

    SLAM Media is now officially alive and kicking. Point your sophisticated browsing technology at for a look. There were many obstacles to overcome: our competition kept sending bands of ninjas to stop us from launching our site; the NASDAQ collapsed, causing most of our potential investors to jump off the Space Needle in an enormous fit of pique; and our entire software development team took a four month sabbatical to Mexico in order to learn the sacred art of “visionary tequila programming.” But despite the madness, we are proud to present the debut of SLAM Media at the Inter-Net Debutante Ball, and we do hope you enjoy the show.

    SLAM Media, Inc., is a Seattle-based media company that hosts a new set of online entertainment sites, including Radio Free SLAM, the Guerilla Video Network, and SLAM Nation, with more to come. SLAM Media was founded by Scott O. Moore in July, 1999, as a reaction to the massive conglomeration of mainstream media companies into ever larger, ever more massive mainstream media companies. In such a climate, the artists who produce the content that fuels the success of these companies are relentlessly abused, taken advantage of, ripped off, beaten senseless by record label lackeys, tied up in burlap bags, and dumped by the side of the road, left to be eaten by raccoons. This has got to stop!

    An example of the insidious mindset which plagues today’s media culture:

    “As a creator of content, if you’re not affiliated with Time Warner or Disney or CBS… or News Corp/Fox or GE, NBC, or CNBC, I think you’re finished. I just don’t think you can make it, which is amazing, because one of the great things about this medium that everybody says is, ‘Anybody can have a website.’ That is perhaps the most incorrect statement… it’s getting read that matters, and you can’t be read unless you’re connected with one of these big media outfits.”

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