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    Dumpster Fresh. The overwhelming smell of dumpster overpowers my car as I drive home from uncc to my Noda bungalow (what kevin calls my house) Never have I been so happy in my life. Our house just calculated our bills for the first of the month and we spend more than 1000 dollars on just our house. I’ve been living off of canned pasta, old dumpster food, and the charity of other people for days it’s seemed like and oh how my body has suffered. I’ve come to understand in the more recent days on how people suffer in many ways. I’m so blessed with food, an education, and people that love me every day.

    The weather has turned cold, and as I pass the tents on n tryon, I praise God that I have a home. Half the world doesn’t have enough to eat, meanwhile we throw away so much. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I ate three thanksgiving dinners. Thanksgiving dinner at the y, the next day, thanksgiving dinner at the county service center. Both were memorable, both were good, however you never know when you are entertaining angles.

    A Speak Up vendor came from the men’s shelter to the y and on the way out the door expressed to me how

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