Question by Rachel: How big is a 20 yard roll off dumpster?

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Answer by Rob
7′ wide 4′ tall 22′ long or 7′ 5′ 16′, there are more sizes. call around to find out what dimensions they offer in your area.

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3 Responses to How big is a 20 yard roll off dumpster?

  1. mr_jim51 says:

    assuming this is a roll off it will be about 20 ft long and maybe 5 ft high
    might be a bit taller

  2. JoeReal says:

    should contain 20 cubic yards.
    And the same volume as 540 cubic feet.

    if the height is 5 ft and the width is 6 ft, then it would be 18 ft long.

  3. cold_fearrrr says:

    Four or five times the size of a normal dumpster. Large dump trucks hold 12 to 18 yards. 6 foot deep by 6 foot wide by 15 foot long would yield 20 cubics yards.