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  • Portable On-Site Storage Shed Container Roll-Off Trailer Demo – Stow-N-Tow 1-888-STOW-N-TOW or 810-359-4462 Stow-N-Tow Portable Storage Roll-off & Transport Trailer Demo 90 seconds for dropoff & 90 seconds for pickup…with just the push of a button! 13 colors available for our affordable shed style portable storage containers. 10 to 20 yard roll-off dumpsters also compatible with the trailer. Stow-N-Tow Mobile Storage & Moving Systems

    These are pictures from my visit to Trash Taxi. All of these pictures will be available in high resolution on Flickr at: Roadchubbs also went with me to visit Trash Taxi and I encourage you to check out his NEW trash only Flickr page (many of his Trash Taxi pics will be there): I would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the IMPRESSIVE FRIENDLY people at Trash Taxi. They were more than willing to show off every available truck in the yard and I do have several “in action” videos coming to YouTube. I was unable to get the entire fleet on film since many of their trucks were on route. Also, I was told that these trucks are cleaned daily in the evening to wash off all the landfill grime that gets all over them. Sorry I couldn’t get the trucks at there cleanest! Either way, these are still some very unique looking trucks! I encourage all of you to visit any Trash Taxi location — if you ever happen to be in a state that has them. As far as I know, they are currently in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and Colorado. The yard we visited was located at: 298 American Spirit Rd. Winter Haven, FL 33880 See their website for several other pictures of their trucks at: This is one of the BEST EXPERIENCES I’ve ever had when filming. 1000 Views! Jan 25, 2010

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