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  • Email: National Park director worried about Coke funding

    Email: National Park director worried about Coke funding
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    Dec. 2 — Although National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis recently said he wasn´t influenced by Coca-Cola Co. before halting plans to ban water bottles at Grand Canyon National Park, a November 2010 email obtained by The New York Times suggests otherwise.

    Jarvis previously said that shelving the ban had nothing to do with Coca-Cola, a major donor to the National Park Foundation, and that he was actually concerned about concession contracts and public safety because the park is in a desert, The Times reported.

    But the email indicates Jarvis was concerned about Coke´s sponsorship.

    In a message to a regional park manager, Jarvis wrote, “While I applaud the intent” of the ban, “there are going to be consequences, since Coke is a major sponsor of our recycling efforts.”

    Further, he wrote, “Let´s talk about this” before the park “pulls the plug.”

    Coca-Cola has donated more than $ 13 million to parks around the country, mostly through the foundation, according to The Times.

    The ban was two weeks away from being implemented before it was canceled.

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