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  • The Art of Dumpster Diving

    Everybody throws stuff out but ever wonder what happens to that old couch or washing machine? In this report, find out what happens to your garbage and the art of dumpster diving.

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    16 Responses to “The Art of Dumpster Diving”

    1. Part of the problem is that the stores may throw away things that “look” or seem fine because they know that something happened to them, like going unrefrigerated, or someone finding glass or some foreign material in a batch, which is subsequently collected and thrown out. You can’t cook your salads to protect yourself from bacteria. If you have ever had a bad case of food poisoning, you’d never even consider doing this and 3000+ die yearly from it in the US.

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    3. @Denizzz123 I know because all that ice cream, pizza, popsicles, hotpockets, & texas toast was still frozen and it tasted even better.!

    4. My mama always told me that life was like diving into a dumpster. Ya never know what you’re gonna get. Haha. I’m going to take part in this great art in a few weeks when I become homeless.

    5. ‘The majority of people who dumpster dive do it for the thrill of not knowing what you’ll find, or for creative impulses’

      I dumpster dive because I have no money at the moment it’s a good alternative to living off plain rice or just not having the money to have a social life.

      I think most people who dumpster dive genuinely don’t have much money. It’s the old money vs time trade off.

    6. @SeberHusky I’m not gonna badmouth you for dumpster diving. What you do is none of my business anyways. I used to do it and I know people that do it nowdays. Being in the middle of a recession doesn’t make it any easier either. All I meant to say was once someone gets started doing this, it doesn’t take long before they start hauling straight garbage home. Especially if they are doing methamphetamine. Not that you are. Don’t take that wrong either. Good luck to you. .

    7. @MrSlammeddown


      You keep thinking that while I’m pulling your 50-inch big screen off of the street that you threw out just because you lost the remote for it.

    8. Dumpster diving is a sickness thats hard to get rid of. And aftyer a while it turns into a compulsive disorder. You might find something decent now and then but over a period of time the standards of what a person hauls home gets lower and lower but they still think everything they haul home is worth money. Who wants to be with someone that goes out digging in a dumpster everynight hauling other peoples garbage home? Its such a nasty habit that dumpsterdivers call themselves recyclers nowdays.

    9. @slammeddown

      Exactly! I’ve picked enough furniture and electronics and decorations to furnish my whole house!

    10. I “dumpster dove” behind car repair shops and gas stations.
      I found a whole truckload of old dead car batteries.
      Took them to my local scrapyard (who offers $5 per battery) and made about $200!
      This hobby really pays off!

    11. People that dumpster dive usually have houses packed full of shit they have hauled home that they’ll never use but still won’t get rid of for some reason. Especially tweakers. And when a person is unemployed and out all night digging in a dumpster that person will remain unemployed because he’s not gonna go out during the day to try to find a job. Its a sickening way to may a living. Especially if you have kids. No kid wants a mom or dad that digs in garbage cans all the time.