Question by daisy: What is it like to go dumpster diving?
Have you ever done it?

Yahoo wants to put this in Sports. teehee
How about Olympic Dumpster Diving – World Class

Best answer:

Answer by bhiggie91
gross. no.

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34 Responses to Q&A: What is it like to go dumpster diving?

  1. Mr Grean Jeans The Artful Codger says:

    the experience is based on wether you are doing it for sports or survival
    I see people in this area doing this from time to time I dont think they are doing the sports thing

  2. KathyC says:

    Had a friend that used to do that till he got a ticket…came up with food, lamps, bedding, all kinds of things…he would take it home clean it and use mans junk is another mans treasure!

  3. Spike ( righter of wrongs ) says:

    I’ve done it often.
    I go to industrial parks where I’ve gotten everything
    from glass display cases to bird feeders. I then have
    a yard sale. I’ve made as much as $ 500 for a few
    hours of dumpster diving. Plus it’s fun.

  4. Hali says:

    It’s fun, when I was a student I rented an apartment with a roomie and every weekend on a saturday we went dumpster diving.

    You have to know which ones to look in, no restaurant or store stuff too stinky and gross.

    You look for dumpsters near apartment buildings, commercial buildings and look in those. You go out at certain times of the year, for example when leases are up for apartments and the people leave without paying their rent, all their stuff gets dumped.

    My entire apartment was furnished with stuff from dumpsters, except the bed and mattress which I bought new. I’ve found antiques, a stereo that only needed the broken plug replaced, lamps that needed to be rewired, a plaid sofa, two nice chairs which I reupholstered. An oak desk, a wooden table for the kitchen that I refinished. I’ve also found nice dishes, pots and pans that I still have, a hugh amount of wool of every colour of the rainbow (new) in about ten garbage bags. Frames for pictures, vases, antique glass, brass fixtures. The list goes on and on, once I managed to be given twelve boxes of books by someone who was a janitor and was putting them in the recycling bins.

    It helps if you have tools and some knowledge about refinishing and repairs and its all free, its recycling.

  5. mydearsie says:

    I have a friend who lives in Martinez, California who used to go dumpster diving. She is a creative person who found many useful and beautiful items during those days. It has been prohibited to do this in many cities, so she no longer hunts for her “treasures”. In addition, her health is not the greatest now and this is not something she would do again.
    When we were younger, we scouted flea markets, garage sales and antique stores and found some great things. I miss those days and I miss her.

  6. youthpastor1955 says:

    Dive in feet first or you might hurt your head….

    Seriously though, it has been outlawed in many places because it is a way for Identity Thieves to get info on you.

  7. Patti says:

    I live in a university town, some will move out of state or overseas and leave everything that they can’t sell at yard sale or giveaway, many times in boxes next to dumpsters. I used to take some of the things and clean them and give to other students who moved in with little, ironing boards, boxes of dishes, etc. and they were happy to get them. I thought of it as recycling. Jump inside a dumpster and pull things out? No, dumpsters are cesspools of filth, just think of the baby diapers, rotten food, used needles, cat litter and other Nasties that are put in them. A woman I knew was out of work from a car accident and used to dive for aluminum cans, she was sticking her little daughter in them and having her toss the cans to her. I told her it wasn’t safe & don’t know if she stopped that. But eventually she got to be a hoarder with all of her “finds” and when the marriage dissolved her husband rented a large U-Haul truck & filled it full 3 times with lawn bags of that stuff & took it to the dump. She later got arrested after finding & taking new clothes with the tags still on inside of a dumpster ( they were stolen from a local department store, apparently thieves will stash their goods in dumpsters when the heat is on and get them out later) but got the charges dropped in court.

    I also heard a story of a university custodian who was dumping the morning trash one day, he looked inside the dumpster and saw a portable typewriter with the case on. He reached down and picked it up, opened up the cover and there was a wad of money ($ 800) and a baggie of marijuana. He threw the marijuana away and kept the typewriter & cash.

  8. Donna A says:

    I wouldn’t do it, but I salute those who do. They’re recycling stuff that would otherwise be deepening the landfills.

  9. The Original GarnetGlitter says:

    I wouldn’t know….but the Ex-husband does…

    Got so sick & tired of falling over his boots in the middle of the livingroom I threatened to toss them into the apt. dumpster.

    One day I did.

  10. June smiles says:

    I did it in the 70’s. I was scavenging for only one thing, carpet scraps. Back then if one scavenged in the dumpsters behind floor covering businesses a person could salvage some very large pieces of clean new carpet, the scraps from an installation. I would make rugs, sort of patch work , sometimes depending on the bonanza, I could make quite large rugs with a pattern to them. I made a very large round rug, making pie shaped wedges from red and white carpet of similar pile. I would tape them from the back. I used duct tape, but one could have used regular carpet tape to ensure the integrity. Can’t do it now, they never discard good large pieces anymore, they cut them and sell them for little carpet mats.

  11. Frosty says:

    It can be exciting, but it can also be gross.

  12. handyman says:

    Okay, folks, laugh if you like, but this activity kept us going a couple of years ago. You would not believe some of the stuff college kids throw away at the end of a semester just because they don’t want to haul it home – microwave ovens, laptops, desktops, desks, chairs, etc, etc. The dumpsters at Central Michigan are full of this kind of stuff every semester, and Ed knows where it is. He brought home a lot of it, what needed fixing he fixed and then sold it. A lot of these kids are also on food stamps (they’ve since cracked down on this abuse) and they threw out boxes and boxes of perfectly good food, I’m talking unopened jars of peanut butter and jelly, boxes of cake mixes and frostings, just ridiculous stuff. Yes we did it and, as I say, it kept us going when we had absolutely no money coming in.

  13. Jack-O says:

    I did dumpster diving when I lived on the streets of Philadelphia. Not a lot of fun, but I always scored decent food and a few interesting items.

  14. Bogey says:

    People are extremely wasteful. The city dump was on our property and I spent a lot of time down there as a kid. Found some cool stuff-usually better than the stuff we owned

  15. Tom says:

    There was a hundred year old indian and his niece who would dumpster dive for the produce i would throw away daily. They were so grateful she baked me an apple pie from the apples i threw away the day before. So i took it home with no intention of eating it. My father in law came over and helped himself to a big slice. Then he raved on and on about how good it was. Ah the revenge was so sweet when i told him where the pie came from.

  16. Stella says:

    When I was a kid, my Dad used to go to the local dump to fossick around – he always found something he liked ! He’d announce proudly to anyone who’d listen….”See that chair ? I found it at the dump ! Not a thing wrong with it except a few screws missing !” and we’d all die of embarrassment. In the end he agreed to call the dump “the Emporium”. It became a family joke….”Dad found that chair at the Emporium ! What a great find !” Makes me feel misty to think of him now, gone but never forgotten.

  17. Baw says:

    Our local news just warned are viewing area about the increase of bed bugs due to excepting used items from places like yard sales and flea markets. Used clothing and furniture are causing some people problems. Be careful what you dive for.

  18. Susie QZ says:

    Never have done that. I usually just make ‘contributions’ to the dumpster. The only reason I would ever do it is if I accidentally threw out something of value….which I have been know to do. Interesting question. =)

  19. Pat aka Lady Luck says:

    I’ve been in business my whole life, but the best business I ever saw was at the Vernon, British Columbia garbage dump.
    The city paid the guy to stay and collect fees for people to dump their trash.
    (The city keeps the fees.)

    This guy picked through all the trash, before it got dumped and kept what he wanted.
    He had built open structures and had everything for sale.
    Also, he was quite handy and fixed major appliances, like stoves and washers and dryers.

    You could get anything there!!!!
    For a very reasonable price. Cheap.

    So here he was, getting paid by the city, and running this cash business.
    No rent to pay, no utilities, no taxes, free inventory.
    Best business I ever saw.

  20. Strange Brew says:

    I still do. =)
    There are all kinds of treasures in tho$ e dumpsters.
    I clean it up, restore, repair, and sell.

    Works for me!

  21. sage seeker says:

    No, never…BUT HAVE retrieved some furniture items left in the dumpster area that were in perfect condition! lol

  22. Coop 366 says:

    You need two things, a strong stomach and good gloves.

  23. SlyKitty says:

    I hope I get to carry the torch when they have that at the Olympics.

  24. sweets says:

    Don’t know. Never done it. Blessed I don’t have to. Be careful lording it over others.

  25. moshmosh says:

    I dumpster dive in my own tote when I accidently throw something away.

  26. Bob Dylan ♪ says:

    Bad. Darn thing won’t hold water very well.

  27. Ms. Minerva says:

    Used to be safer and more fun than it is now. Now there is the problem of BEDBUGS that get into furniture!!

    So, to be on the safe side….stay out of dumpsters….just do curb shopping….which is riding around and collecting things people have set out for trash collection. If you can’t totally disinfect it….don’t put it in your car is my best advice to you.

    Yes, I have curb shopped for years upon years….like others have held yard sales where I got wads of cash for things I picked up from the side of the road.

  28. sneakys dad says:

    My brother doe like Spike does it. He goes to our Wal Mart & gets things like bikes,shelving benches ,you name it,and he sells them at garage sales or takes them to the auction house. On Clean up week people can put anything out ,and he really scarfs up then.

  29. SandyO says:

    No but I did do dump picking in my younger days. Brought home boxes of books,doll cribs, some beautiful end tables and the list goes on. Everything was in excellent shape and sitting to one side just waiting for someone to come along. Amazing what some throw away!

  30. Blue Angel says:

    LOL. Yes, I used to dumpster dive for refundable cans and bottles. Back in those days, it was enough to fill up the gas tank!

  31. Cap.n1Eye says:

    Some people call it ‘Dumpster Diving’, some peole call it ‘Survival’. I was homeless for a year until I found this job.

  32. Tigger says:

    The only thing I ever dumpster dove for was boxes when my daughter was going to move.
    I have put stuff out the day before garbage day and it was all gone before the garbage truck came by so I know others do it…

  33. Ret. Sgt. says:

    I used to see the same group hit the same dumpsters on many nights at work. They knew when each fast food joint threw out the extra burgers they had at the end of a shift. They were even in bags so, although it may sound gross, the food was probably no worse than getting it “fresh”.

    Now dumpster diving for used items or items stores used to throw out( before times got tight), was common with many people that were far from starving. We’d get frequent calls that someone was trying to burglarize a store and found locals we knew, picking out small appliances that were tossed out in like new condition. At that time, a toaster wasn’t worth sending back for repair due to shipping costs. So many stores would throw items out that were still in the box. Had one store in particular that threw out shoes and boots that did not sell.Hundreds. They were in the box and could have been donated, but the store sliced every pair with razors before throwing them out.

    Never did figure out why they did that since it was a loss where they could have gotten some goodwill or a tax write off.

  34. galinamommy says:

    Sometimes I walk past the Starbucks in my neighborhood, by their trash if there’s a big paper bag, it’s filled with boxes of untouched croissants and danishes. Also the CVS by my house throws out stuff when they restock and a lot of the stuff is still new but the box is dented or damaged. So I think it’s Great!
    I also sign up for lots of free samples and do rebate offers to get free stuff. Here’s my blogspot site if you want to check it out and get some free samples mailed to your home. Enjoy!

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