Question by : What Stores Are Best For Dumpster Diving?
Which chain stores have the best dumpsters? Considering factors like how much food is in it, how good shape it’s in, and how hard is it to get to? (I’m specifically looking for food).

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Answer by John Doe
Doughnut stores

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2 Responses to What Stores Are Best For Dumpster Diving?

  1. sunflowers says:

    Best to try craigslist on the for sale/free section.

    Or call 211 and go to a food pantry.

    Or go to your nearest county Jobs and Family Services and apply for food stamps.

    Most groceries either donate to food pantries and/or throw food in a crusher dumpster that is locked up.

  2. Reepak Chopra says:

    I like to dumpster dive at the following Stores:

    A Cote, Oakland
    Angele, Napa
    Bar Agricole
    Bistro Aix
    Bourbon Steak
    Fifth Floor
    Ippuku, Berkeley
    Mission Chinese Food
    Morimoto, Napa
    Oenotri, Napa
    Plum, Oakland
    Station 1, Woodside
    Ubuntu, Napa
    Zero Zero

    They have the best ravioli in the dumpster and the foie gras is to die for!!

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