Question by dolphin2: Is dumpster diving illegal in Fort Wayne, Indiana?
Are there any laws in Indiana saying you can not take an item sitting beside a dumpster that has been left for trash pick up?

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Answer by Cristiano
as long as you do it from ground level, anything over 2 floors is considered illegal………….lol sorry couldnt resist

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2 Responses to Q&A: Is dumpster diving illegal in Fort Wayne, Indiana?

  1. zclifton2 says:

    In a small town or a modest suburb, it depends on who you are and who sees you doing what. I and two of my fellow Air Force dudes got in a little fight at a bar, and the one that had nothing to do with it was arrested for assult. Of course, what they didn’t like was us talking to the local girls in the bar otherwise we did not hurt anyone or break anything. but then, thats law and order in Uath, if you not the right religion, you are not exactly free in America.

  2. vbrink says:

    Hum. I live in Indiana and I’m not sure. You always see the cops picking through some bad guys trash on tv, so it seems to me that a person could pickup up something sitting beside a dumpster. (It does seem to be that you could get charged with something else that had nothing to do with picking up the item.)

    You could call the Fort Wayne police department and ask for assistance ( you are a taxpayer). Be sure to get the name of the person you talked to – just in case. Good Luck.

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