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  • Dumpster Diving Guided Tour. Mega Loadin’ (1 of 2)

    Hey y’all. Ever want to eat a healthy variety but not wanted to pay for it? How’s about not spending money on groceries at all? Watch us offload a slightly above average 400 dollar load of groceries without bothering to walk down the isles or wait in line at the cash register. Part 1 includes introductions to diving and footage of what’s in the dumpster. Part 2 shows the load and continues to give experienced advice. In our town, between 12:30 AM and 3:30 AM are the best times to dive, as nobody’s in the store. Your area may be different. Just pay attention and be careful and you’ll get the hang of this wonderful, environmentally friendly, financially intelligent activity. Enjoy! -The team.
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    18 Responses to “Dumpster Diving Guided Tour. Mega Loadin’ (1 of 2)”

    1. I can’t seem to convince anyone I know how great of a practice this is. You always grow up just being told how nasty, disgusting, and foolish it is to do this–and I guess it is nasty and disgusting (just to be in a dumpster, I mean), but the rewards are amazing. Could you imagine what we could accomplish if there were more people in the world doing this, going the extra mile to help feed hungry families? We could make an enormous dent in world hunger. You are citizens doing your part, and I re

    2. @colchinzer well perhaps i was wrong. i live in a different country, and here people dont waste like the u.s.a does…. a country where a homeless starving man, on the streets after the insurance company decided not to pay his medical bills, can be arrested for eating out of the bin, is a sick country.

    3. @tubestick00 Its funny one of my best finds was around 50 lbs of meat including at least 15 packs of bacon, and expensive hams, sausages, and hot dogs. Not to mention the at least 250 rolls of gift wrapping paper i salvaged yesterday. Stores don’t throw away good stuff? I invite you to come with me on a trip then!

    4. tenically they could have gotten these guys for trespassing because that was not a public dumpster it was locked and they jumped the wall…………

    5. I dumpster dive for coupons at a recycling dumpter. I have dumpter dived at apartments and got cool stuff like dishes and stuff. I have a family member that dumpter dives at plant nurseries for plants. I have never thought of doing it for food.

    6. i plan on traveling to maui and spending between a couple weeks to years living for free

    7. you guys know y they throw all the stuff out becuz its Trader Joes!!! Organic food!

    8. @FORESTTEMPLE yeah… so if you find yourself down and out, and homeless, go find a trader joes.

    9. @tubestick00 hey tube…in fact trader joes consistently does this at most locations.
      it is senseless yes but for a solid 2 years or so in Hollywood i gathered every weekend for my friends and got it to the people…till i left for hawaii. wish t j s would open here. 🙂

    10. @tubestick00 I agree completely that I have easy pickings. I am exploiting a winfall much like a bear who finds ripe apples littering the ground. On a typical evening, I may come home with a dozen pounds (cans dented, of course) of brand new gourmet coffee, a couple hundred loaves of bread, 50 lbs. of organic apples, etc. It fills my patio and becomes a logistics problem. I have a distribution network of down-to-earth friends who come by once a week for the free food.

    11. @johnfournier77 well i must admit im not from america and by all accounts your country is a wastefull beast.
      in new zealand nobody is like that. we are a bit more down to earth than most americans, although im not talking about you, your clearly a realist. for a dented box to be thrown out is sick, and its no surprise your nations defecit is around 10 trillion dollars. things will be very different through the next 20 years so enjoy the rich dumpster picking while you can. waste is inexcusable

    12. @tubestick00 It doesn’t have to do with store management. It has to do with corporate policy, with the logistical complexity of the “extremely efficient” grocery and food system in the U.S., and also with laws and potential lawsuits over donating food. Basically, Americans won’t buy a box of cereal if the box is dented or scratched. It doesn’t matter that the cereal inside is in a bag. The blemished box won’t sell so why let it take up valuable shelf space?

    13. When I was a little kid, my Dad had permission from our local grocery to dive their dumpster to feed our pigs. The food (cases of apples and cabbages, etc.) was often in such good shape, we’d eat it ourselves. The only reason someone would not feel “comfortable” with the idea is because they are a lawyer or their parents didn’t introduce them to the idea that waste is a sin but instead took them to the mall to shop for video games.

    14. @debater71 We often throw dinner parties and all our friends are cool with it. In fact, I wouldn’t be friends with someone too stuck up to eat perfectly good food just because it was tossed in a dumpster. I distribute to friends as well. They often call me to let me know that they’ve gone days eating only things I foraged. It’s something to be proud of. And money doesn’t grow on trees unless you’re in the top 1%.

    15. @tubestick00 You are 100% wrong here. I go once or twice a week and there is always meat being tossed that is close to the expiration date but is still fine. You put it in the freezer as soon as you get home or toss it all in a big pot and cook it up. My dog has eaten nothing but NY strip steaks ($16/lb.) and organic chicken for the past year. I occasionally eat the meat if it’s a cold night, the meat is still cold, it smells fine, and hasn’t expired.

    16. If you get over the fact that it is from a dumpster its just like regular food. Me and my friend did this one time and had a bbq the next day with 20 people there all from dumpster diving.