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  • should I move out of my neighbood?

    Question by mike chilling in the florida sun: should I move out of my neighbood?
    Do you think I should move from this high crime neighborhood?
    Well ever since I moved to this neighborhood near Pensacola, Florida. Ever since moved here it has been crime and more crime, when I first moved here there was a huge 50 acre fire in our neighborhood that was set be teenagers. Then some kids down the street vandilized the neighborhoods picnic tables. Then kids have popped peoples tires, tried to shot lights in light poles, told off my mom, called my dad a bald f#@k, shot paintball guns right in the middle of the busy neighborhood street near cars. It hads gotten so ridiculous, on night a guy drove really fast in our hood and recked so bad he got life flighted to the hospital and later died. Then another night some drag racers ran into the yard of a 2-3 million dollar house by far the most expensive in the hood. We and other neigbors have got ding dong digged at 2-3am. On night we thought some one was in our back yard. Then just yesterday a guy came fast through our street and hit one guys mail box than hit another and ran into the yard it happened at about 8pm so what worried was what if would have ran over someone I go out all the time between 8-9pm. The police have been down our street of 20-25 houses about 20 times with in the past 6-8 months. It has gotten so bad that at 12-1 am the police will come down our street with all of there spotlights on. One day in the morning a dumpster had got on wrote on and said [email protected]!$ h and when the police were called they said they could not do an about it and gave us a lecture. Alos about a year ago about 20 cars got broken into and valubles were stolen. The police go down to the hood pier and are down there with there lights on. Then some idiots do illegal fire works and have set off 2 fires. I was wondering if you thought that we should move I mean it makes me so worried some time.I mean my mom has mental problems thinking people are always in our house doing crime, so it just makes all of this worse. PLEASE HELP ME. So what do you think, 10 points for B/A
    please help me I need it.

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    Answer by Charles B

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    5 Responses to “should I move out of my neighbood?”

    1. You might want to consider a community policing strategy that could help cut crime in the area. Have some citizens do night watch and catch some of these losers causing the chaos. If your efforts don’t work, move. Life is too short to live in fear.