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  • Dumpster fire at lumber yard caused by cigarette

    (April 16, 2010) — ( A CARELESS person who reportedly disposed of a lit cigarette is being blamed for a massive dumpster fire in the lumber yard of Gorham’s Ltd. Around 3.45 pm, ten firefighters rushed to the scene after a concerned store employee dialed 911 after first noticing the blaze. Gorhmam’s is located right across from the major BELCO power plant on Cemetery Road in Pembroke. No one was injured, and the blaze was extinguished within five minutes with no major damage resulting. The cigarette flicker is believed to be a customer and not a store employee.

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    1. @stevenkimball: This is in Bermuda (as in the island of Bermuda located in the North Atlantic Ocean…. 650 miles east of Charleston North Carolina.) đŸ˜‰