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  • Ridiculous charges after moving out of apartment?

    Question by M K: Ridiculous charges after moving out of apartment?
    Being charged $ 800.00 for new carpet on an 800 sq ft. apartment. Granted it was dirty, but that seems very excessive. They also charged me $ 50 bucks for leaving speakers in a closet. The maintenance guy had the long 20 yard walk to the dumpster with them and they’re charging me $ 50.00. Is there anything I can do to dispute this…these charges seem excessive.

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    Answer by Othniel
    Unless you have a signed walk through form saying the apartment was in good condition or the landlord has not performed according to the landlord tenant law regarding security deposits in your state you are probably looking at $ 850 in legitimate charges.

    Always do a walk through when you hand over the keys and get the LL or his agent to sign it as to the condition of the unit. Pictures are also helpful.

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    3 Responses to “Ridiculous charges after moving out of apartment?”

    1. Excessive ? I nearly laughed when you posted that. That’s $ 1.00 per square foot, or $ 9 per square yard. I suggest that you go shopping to find out how much carpet sells for installed. Concerning your speakers, yes, the maintenance man had to walk to the dumpster. Understand that the dumpster isn’t free. The landlord pays for it to get rid of YOUR stuff.

    2. Unfortunetly those are legitimate charges. After renting the same place for 4 years I dread to think of what we’ll owe when we move out!

      Always do the walk-through first if you can! Usually then they let is slide, since they feel compassion when they see you. Once your gone it is easy to charge you.