This is why you do not park in front of a dumpster on garbage day.
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18 Responses to REPO VEHICLE TOW.

  1. jlillie2 says:

    @Devonvand Actually there is.
    You can crawl under and disconnect the linkage, or you can just shove a screw driver in the little hole just to the left of the shifter and that will release the lock so you can shift into neutral.

  2. talfacprez says:

    @talfacprez Dream on, we released cars and trucks 4 and 5 a day.

  3. Devonvand says:

    @talfacprez Lmao no there is not hahaha. there is no phisical pin on the outside of the tranny that you can pull to reliese parking gears lmao… thats a joke

  4. talfacprez says:

    @Devonvand There is a pin in the tranny. We use to do repos and pull them all the time.

  5. Devonvand says:

    @talfacprez They pull the pin? lmao… there is no pin for a parking break, its a gear in the tranny, you can not just pull lol. thus the tires sliding.

  6. talfacprez says:

    maybe they were throwing that old Ford away. LOL They pull the pin in the tranny to release it out of park. I wish you could catch the asshole when he comes back to get his car.

  7. talfacprez says:

    I love it when one of those pricks who thinks they are exempt from the rules finds out they CAN’T park wherever they want.

  8. chrilla1980 says:

    Well i guess it stood along with the other garbage so just take it to the “dump” while you´re at it eyy

    Hilarious too watch bro and def a thumbs up

  9. Paulywint says:

    The owner of that truck is going to be mad! BUt serves him right not to park in front of a dumbster.

  10. hughface says:

    bad day for that guy…

  11. JakeDaSnakeFilms says:

    derpness at its finest, Lmao!

  12. paradoxdesigns says:

    i was expecting someone to come running out to talk to him, but what a goof for parking there in the first place.

  13. 24carWon says:

    the guy didnt come running out

  14. Devonvand says:

    @vmxrm85 Relax Bud

  15. vmxrm85 says:

    it’s not a repo, a repo is a reposition when you don’t pay for your car, in this case, the guy who ever owns that car is, it just getting towed, probably from the owner of the building, just correction you, know hate, awesome videos man

  16. richthecardude94 says:

    sweet vid man

  17. creativetux says:

    Wow he was gone in a flash!

  18. DodgeDweller420 says: