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  • When is dumpster diving legal? When is it illegal?

    Question by Amber: When is dumpster diving legal? When is it illegal?
    The school in our neighborhood has a lot of dorm students. I know that when they leave, most throw out expensive items they do not want (ex: ipods, expensive clothing). Would it be legal for me to search through the dumpsters on school property? Note: The school is considered private and public because some people pay for the school and others have the state pay because they live in a area of ‘choice schooling’. I am a ‘choice’ student. I do not know if the dorm students’ dumpsters are private property. The dumpsters are, for the most part, visible from the street and do not have any signs, gates, or locks. Would a non-dorm student be allowed to go through these dumpsters?

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    Answer by igi
    looking for food

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