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  • Frugal TV – Dumpster Diving for Coupons

    Watch this great episode with MrCoupon dumpster diving for coupons!!! He shares great tips as well as a few laughs!! To find more information on dumpster diving for coupons check out: Always make sure to check our your local laws before dumpster diving!!
    Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    24 Responses to “Frugal TV – Dumpster Diving for Coupons”

    1. if the recycling center is attended, do you ask ahead of time for permission or do you just go for and wait to see if they say something?

    2. Good tips. There is a great paper dumpter right up the street from me, but it is on school grounds. During school hours would be a no-no and at night i don’t want neighbors calling the cops on me. lol

    3. @icesnoop Sometimes if you contact the farms and companies that put out the fresh produce..they will send you free coupons or if they are close by give you a great deal on coming by and picking your own such as berries etc..

    4. @charmedlover88 I live about 35-45 minutes east of nashville so I am in Middle middle TN lol. But thanks for the offer.

    5. @shereah Where are you in middle TN? I live in the norther part of middle TN and have newspaper recycling dumpsters. I’m always looking for another dumpster buddy! There are 3 of us that go every Monday

    6. I hope someone can answer this, but what do extreme couponers do for fresh fruits and vegetables. Or do they just always eat frozen and canned. I ask this not to condescend but because of my personal preference, almost everything I eat is from scratch, not frozen, and not processed, and I was wondering are there deals for these things too?

    7. Okay I have one problem, I live in Montana and we usually don’t have manufacturer coupons in our Sunday paper.

    8. I live very close to a recycling center where they have paper bins (kind of like a huge cardboard box that holds only paper) that you can go & search for coupons any time they are open. It has been a great savings & fun way to get coupons!!!

    9. Im so proud. I thought to do this on my own. I also found the local sunday paper delivery people. They leave me a pile of left over inserts at the end of their run.

    10. @shaima00 What u can do its go to paper retriever google it and go to bin finder and put in ur zip code and it will tell u where to fin bins close to ur area. Hope this help.

    11. I love this video. What I do I ask my son to get inside the dumpster for me. He likes it even better when he see’s coupons that he likes.

    12. what about receipts and upcs for refunding. Thats another reason I loved dumpster diving. I don’t dumpster dive anymore due to lymphedema in my legs. I sure do miss it. Hubby said he won’t dumpster dive for me.

    13. I wish I can dumpster dive, but man the folks here just throw everything into the dumpster even if it is labeled “paper only”. but it will be interesting to see what i can find.

    14. No shame. Lol. I LOVE IT!! I think me and my bf are the only ones that dumpster dive in this city. But hey its FREE!!

    15. i live in small county i thought they might help me but no one want to help and i try to search for the paper dumpster i have no idea so i dont what to do i dont want to buy alot of news paper help what should i do i have tryed to ask people gass station if they can give me there copuon out of sunday paper and they dont want to give it to me 🙁