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  • When It’s too cold to feel your toes

    Maybe I’m A wimp or maybe I’m just really from the south but I dislike cold weather. But only a certain kind of cold weather, the snowless kind. The kind where you can’t feel your toes but there is no snow on the ground. Welcome to North Carolina where the weather changes every day from sky high heat to blustery cold overnight.

    Tip one of dumpster diving, make sure you are comfortable. If your legs are numb from cold you might never get out of a dumpster and eventually freeze to death.

    Tip two, always being a buddy
    God said two are always better than one and he is always right. Passing off food to each other and having a buddy system is the most important rule.

    Tip three: share
    I have this now amazing community that loves dumpster diving and likes to come over for dinner. There is no uninvited guest

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