Question by bb jo: I have been considering an idea for a business – opinions?
I talked to a wealthy friend of mine about ideas for business. He advised me to begin like he did – by dumpster diving and scouting yard sales. Very little cash output, choose only quality items, clean it up or mend it a little and sell it at your own yard sales. I have another friend who finds amazing things in the dumpsters – she has playhouses, riding toys, etc. for her children – they look new, but she got them out of the dumpster and just cleaned them up. So, whats the opinion on this? Is it too degrading? The first friend I mentioned now runs an entire swap meet, owns several homes, nice cars, etc. (It took him about 10 years, though, to get on his feet).
Also, I am not planning to quit my job for this. :-) Thanks for your input. BB.

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Answer by Mr Lizard
You will surely have some clown offer up their multi-level marketing scheme as answer.

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3 Responses to I have been considering an idea for a business – opinions?

  1. Matthew O says:

    It’s a good idea.

  2. Julissa says:

    It sounds like a nice/fun hobby to make some side cash, go for it, girl!

  3. timssterling says:

    There are other ways to make money without diving in dumpsters. You usually need to go work for someone who does what you want to do for a while so you can learn the biz a bit. After 6 months or a year hopefully youll be ready!