Question by WOO WOO WOO! YOU KNOW IT!: Bear Hunt………..?
My friends and i went to look for a bear and found one from 15 yards away jump out of a dumpster so if we want to see one should i go to the place where the dumpster with my 4 other friends and buy some steak and try to find him? Its in the Adirondacks Ny Were doing it next year again and we have a camp they have camps too we dont plan on getting close but on the last day at 2 am about 2 weeks ago our friend the volenteer firefighter fed the bear marshmellows she was in the lean to she had a chairbarricade and tossed the bear marshmellows from 10 feet away!

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Answer by ~Katie~ <3
my grandpa opened a car window a centimeter, and fed a bear an oreo through the opening in yellowstone.

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  1. gryfdaddy says:

    There is a question here somewhere, I guess. Check my answer to the other time you asked this. My grandmother had a house on 40 acres outside Keene, NY, and we called it “The Bear Pasture”. A chair barricade wouldn’t even slow a black bear down.