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  • Neighbors are illegally using my Dumpster? What can I do?

    Question by Bubbles: Neighbors are illegally using my Dumpster? What can I do?
    I have a shared driveway so the one neighbors see everything- and she said she has seen no one come up our driveway to illegally dump. The dumpster is behind the house- you can’t see it from the road. The other neighbors have ask me about 20 times if they could use the dumpster- and we have said NO every time- but they act like it’s free. We just found out we got fined $ 600 because someone put all these chemical in our dumpster!! I know it’s them but what can I do? Should I confront them? It think they are dump enough to admit it- but then what? Or what if they lie and say no? We know it’s them because the stuff in not in their yard anymore- and it was found in the Dumpster. Should I call the police- the Dumpster is gone- we didn’t know the stuff was in there until it was dumped. I have the bill- is there anything I can do? Why should I get stuck with a $ 600 bill because these people did this to us- and we just bought this house.
    It’s a contruction dumpster- it’s like 10 feet long and 7 foot deep…… you can hid it or lock it- it’s all open on the top.
    I already paid because I had to fire the contractor and pay him out.
    I have to pay $ 800 for my stuff and then an additional $ 600 for their stuff- it’s completely unfair. They dump shit in there right before the truck came.

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    Answer by MissyDoo
    hide your dumpster in the garage untill trash day or put a pad lock on it that stays on it untill trash day. You need to fight with the person that gave you the bill and tell them the trash in there wasnt yours. Have a talk with your neighbors also

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    2 Responses to “Neighbors are illegally using my Dumpster? What can I do?”

    1. Since the dumpster is gone, not sure what the police are going to do at this point, in order to sue you need more then a hunch that they did it, need proof

      Might try to get them to confess, try something like we found mail with your address mixed in with the illegal stuff dump to see if they will admit to it

    2. You can always take them to small claims court. However, I would recommend speaking with them first and explaining that they should pay the fine. Don’t accuse. Just hand them a copy of the bill and say please pay me with in two weeks for the fine I incurred due to your use of my dumpster and walk off. This could cause them some guilt and they may pay. Otherwise, file a small claims compliant.