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    Portable CD/DVD/TV/mp3 player (new in box). I was STOKED when I retrieved this. I’d been wanting to buy one for years. I had planned on using this to play my workout DVD’s. That way if I was at a hotel room, traveling or renting a room, I could at least do my yoga workouts or my other workouts. I can also use my digital box converter to tap into the free channels instead of paying money for cable.

    Dozen clippers, blow dryers – all had been cut. My spouse knows how to fix these so. There was about 5 razors, 2 high end blow dryers and 2 flat irons. Some needy woman is going to need that blow dryer or flat iron. Some young single mom or working poor man could use those clipper to cut their hair or beard.

    Bottle of liquid Vitamin B12, good for when you have a cold or you’re run down. Many of us are run down now. With all the lousy news in the economy and being overworked and underpaid, we’re malnourished.

    New bottle of Ibuprofen

    4 capes for hairdressers

    4 boxes of international electrical outlet converters (can sell these at a swap meet for our foreign travelers).

    Cosmetics (I’m now stocked up for at least a year, what I can’t use I’ll give away).

    Shower gel, Shampoo, Leave in conditioner

    Batteries (AA)

    12 pack of toilet paper (yes you read that right, toilet paper, brand new in the package).

    Shelves and shelving brackets,my husband was going to buy some, but since we found them, we can now set up shelves in our house to house all our finds.

    Brand new baby bottle (I now have 2 and a box of formula that was dumped in the trash). Perfect for a new mommy. I also have bags and bags of diapers. I’m just waiting to find someone who needs them.

    Men's Razors
    Portable TV
    Hair Care (2)
    Hair Care

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