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  • Q&A: Foreigner neighbors leaving trash around the neighborhood?

    Question by SeaShells: Foreigner neighbors leaving trash around the neighborhood?
    My next door neighbors are two Mexican guys about 20-25 years old. Both bachelors. They work at a Mexican restaurant up the street and walk to work. On their way home, I often see them drinking long neck Coronas and then the next day while I’m walking my dog, there are Corona bottles just laying in the grass along the entrance of our neighborhood. I’ve also seen USED CONDOMS in their yard (right next to the public sidewalk, in plain view) on three occasions since Feb. They just freaking throw their trash wherever they please. We have a neighborhood dumpster and it’s not far from their house! And they walk in my yard and spit on my flowers… =/

    I have lodged a complaint with the HOA (the secretary is their landlord). I have also tried to talk to them about trespassing in my yard and spitting on my flowers, but they don’t speak English, so they just ignore me. The HOA secretary said she “can’t do anything about her tenants b/c they don’t speak English & she doesn’t know Spanish”. Can you believe that? She rents to people she can’t even communicate with… I don’t know how to end this problem =( Ideas??
    I can’t move out. I just bought the house in February! Besides, why should I have to move because my neighbors think the world is their dumpster??

    Best answer:

    Answer by Godiva
    find someone who can speak spanish so that they can comminucate with them.

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    8 Responses to “Q&A: Foreigner neighbors leaving trash around the neighborhood?”

    1. Report them to the police for trespassing and being a public nuisance. If it happened to me, I would find someone who speaks Spanish to talk to them or I would get a book of basic Spanish words and tell them that what they are doing is illegal. Tell them that they could be deported. That will get their attention.

    2. Write them a letter telling them you will report them to immigration if they don’t stay out of your yard and stop throwing their trash all over the neighborhood! Could be they speak perfect english and just act like they don’t understand, but they will get the letter translated and hopefully it will help you!

    3. Pick up some of there trash and show it to Police if that doesn’t work find someone to speak spanish and english and try that if that doesn’t work idk what to do unless you can take a picture of them doing it.

    4. Move out. I wouldn’t put up with a landlord who lets this continue, then hides behind a language/communication barrier that she created.

      If you don’t want to do that, they’ll understand when the police show up.