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  • How far from a house does a dumpster need to be?

    Question by Cara Piers: How far from a house does a dumpster need to be?
    Hi everyone im looking for some advice. I live in Montana and i live a area where there are a bunch of houses that share the land. My boyfriends family lived here for over 10 years and then my boyfriend bought it and has been here for like 5 or six. Right in front of our house less then 5 feet away is a dumpster. We own the house and pay rent to live on the land, its like a trailer court but with houses. I have been talking to the landlord trying to get it moved for a while now, after speaking with him today its clear he inst moving it. he said we have two options he can come and look at it and do what he has been doing or we can move. This is what he told me. everyday when we come home from work there is garbage all over our yard we have to pick up, it blow out of the garbage all over the place. In the summer when its really hot it smells so bad. Is there anything i can do about this, there has to be a certain amount of distance it has to be from the house right?

    thanks in advance for any help

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    Answer by Mr. Bear
    You could call the county sanitation department, and see if there regulations in your area covering dumpsters and garbage receptacles. If not, you may have to live with it or move. I wish you the best of luck!

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    One Response to “How far from a house does a dumpster need to be?”

    1. No. You are a renter, and where the dumpster is is up to the landowner. He’s right. Move