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  • I hired what I thought was a licensed and insured roofer to redo my roof come to find out he is neither and h?

    Question by Carol: I hired what I thought was a licensed and insured roofer to redo my roof come to find out he is neither and h?
    ..find out he is not licensed or insured and he began to strip parts of my roof and install economy no warranty shingles.A contract was written but I never signed it because he said I didn’t have to….the shingles were supposed to be 30 year shingles…when I confronted him about it he told me don’t worry he has me covered and that’s how he keeps his prices low.These shingles are discolored and I mentioned that to him right away before I had any knowledge about the shingle …he had all of the packages turned away from the house so that I would not see the ECONOMY NO WARRANTY labels on the packaging…he has not been around since I confronted him and all of his tools are scattered all over my yard and front porch and there is even some on my roof not to mention the dumpster that’s been sitting in my yard for almost 2 weeks now…HELP…what do I do and what about all the stuff including about 20 packages of shingles sitting in my driveway that I do not want because they are not warranted…I paid him half up front…and now my roof is a disaster with roof boards exposed.I live in Massachussetts.

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    Answer by Phil J
    Pick his tools up, lock them in your garage or house, and tell him since he ripped you off, that you will sell his tools to make up for the $ hit job unless he does EVERYTHING over with the correct shingles. I am an experienced roofer myself, and economy shingles aren’t worth $ hit. People like that will not fix it, and since you didn’t sign the contract, that covers his @ss if you try to take him to court because he can say you have a false contract. Take his tools and hold them hostage.

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    2 Responses to “I hired what I thought was a licensed and insured roofer to redo my roof come to find out he is neither and h?”

    1. The Commonwealth’s Attorney General’s office has a number you can reach. Try calling on Tuesday. (or similar) is the web-site that takes you to the right page. phil’s idea about locking up the crook’s tools is not so good. those guys can get nasty and vandalize things on you. I DO suggest that you inform the local police about this situation. AND go have a chat with the Building Inspector.when attempting to sue these bums, swhat frequently happens is you win a judgement, but getting money is a totally different story. these fly-by-nights usually don’t have a pot to piss in.

    2. first one is partially right. grab his tools and DO NOT let him have them until he gives you your money back. DO NOT sell them, if you do he could take you to court for their value and the tools could be worth more then you gave him. ALWAYS sign a contract, ALWAYS check their insurance papers, if they dont have them, dont let them work. sorry, but you will need to get someone else to finish, dont let him back on your property, if he falls off your roof, or claims he did, he can sue you for a ton of money. contractors insurance covers that but since he has none, yours will. get another reputable roofer to come over and tell you how much it will be to fix what the ass did and then you can suethe guy for what you paid him and for qwhat it will cost to fix what he screwed up, he will also have to pay for those crap shingles so dont do anything with them, once he has to pay for them he will then have to come get them, if you do anything with them and he wnt be able to get them you wont be able to make him pay you for them.good luck….