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  • What does it mean when I have constant nightmares?

    Question by CindyP: What does it mean when I have constant nightmares?
    I think it’s best to tell you a couple of them. Can someone tell me what’s going on with me mentally? Or does it mean something? o_O

    1st Dream:
    I’m in a swim meet, and I float up and out of the water and head towards this stage. Suddenly, I’m behind some curtain, and large speakers are announcing the winners. This white haired man (he kinda reminds me of McCain for some odd reason, but he has a white beard and mustache) and he’s telling me to unplug the speakers and run out of my room as quickly as possible. I look up and around, and we’re in my bedroom, with large speakers and girls sitting everywhere. I unplug the speakers and run outside to my front yard, with the man close behind. I turn around, then he hits me on my head and pushes my soul out of my body. I don’t know how he started floating, then he tells me to look down at my body and tells me to pay close attention to what is going to happen. All of the girls come out of the house and quickly bend down and nibble on my body, then my figure stands up, and then they all disperse into groups of 3 and 4, giggling. I jump into someone body and I start to run. I push past this man, and he then dropped his keys. Then I pass by these 2 girls about the ages of 12-14 with white shirts covered in blood and their faces all cut. I’m still running, then I hear a man scream. I jump into a dumpster bin and wait. Then about 3 seconds later, one of the girls body just shoots up from the tops of the bin, and she’s clawing downward at me. Then someones arm grabs her, and pulls her back, and there is a large screeching noise, and her arm comes flying into the bin.

    2nd Dream:
    I’m in school. There is a lock down. Then after, they evacuate the students. I remember running towards the baseball field, and I turn around, and you see half of the students and teachers holding on to weapons, and I’m holding on to one too. I hear over the speakers that the student/teacher militia is now in affect. They give us these glasses and they said that whoever is glowing yellow are the bad guys. But when I put it on, everyone is glowing yellow, including myself. Then the teachers stand on one side protecting the unarmed staff, and the students stand on the other, protecting the unarmed students. I remember protecting a fellow orchestra classmate whose pregnant and cry. I told her I promise to protect her. I guess we decided to shoot off the teachers, so some people were about to count to 3, I remember one of the old vice-principals just appears in front of me, grabs my arm, hits me across my face and shoots me in the head. I think at some point, I wake up and fall back asleep or the dream slightly changes. But in the end, I remember carrying the classmate on my back and running towards the gates.

    3rd Dream:
    I’m in a van. I’m pushed out. I’m walking. Soldiers pass by grab me, put me in that car you usually see them in, and they tell me that I’m going to be safe and everything is going to be alright. Then put me in the middle of the park, and tell me this is where they’re going to leave me for now, that I’m going to be safe. Then I’m out of my body, and I’m floating above my figure looking down at myself. About 20-30 feet away is the Joker in his old cartoon style with a M40. Then he runs towards my body. But when he reaches it, he stands face to face with it. then he looks up and stares straight at my soul, and says “Gotcha”

    I know that they’re long, but these are the most least disturbing nightmares that I think I could put down. Do any of these dreams mean anything? At all? And why is it that I have constant nightmares?

    Best answer:

    Answer by DramaQueen
    I think that you either watch too many scary movies or you want to kill yourself some how, but you know that if you were to do that you would miss out on so much. Also it shows that you are a very brave person and will do anything to protect the people you care for. I think you just need to think about something happy before you fall asleep, like a boyfriend/ crush or something exciting that’s going to happen to you soon. But if they persists maybe you should checkout a dram doctor. But only if it last for months. Hope I helped! 🙂

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