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  • What can I do to keep the ghetto people where I live from touching my car?

    Question by peaceablefruit206: What can I do to keep the ghetto people where I live from touching my car?
    They have broken into it without stealing anything (I’m not dumb enough to leave something valuable in my car), smushed cake against the tire instead of throwing it in the dumpster not more than 10 yards away, and left a can of beer with beer still in it on the hood of my car. Is it legal to run an electric curent through my car? IF not is there anything else I can do other than a car alarm?
    Great idea folks, but i live in the projects with ghetto people, not in a house, and it doesn’t have garages. I’m loving the idea of a touch sensor alarm, though.

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    Answer by Nancy S

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    7 Responses to “What can I do to keep the ghetto people where I live from touching my car?”

    1. It’s probably legal to run a current through you’re car but I wouldn’t recommend it. Your car battery certainly wouldn’t appreciate it and also if anyone was injured you would most likely be charged(since your aim was to injure anyone who touched the vehicle). I think you can get speakers that sound like an alarm (great for a fun prank too) if you don’t want to shell out several hundred bucks for a whole system and installation. Alarms really are worth it though, especially the touch sensor ones.

    2. The only ways to keep the ghetto people from touching your car is pay for the parking garage.

    3. don’t run a Electric current in it because it will only piss people off and then they will throw rocks at the car and pop the tires so the best thing to do is to get a car alarm park the car in the yard and get some bad ass pit bulls or rottweilers and chain them close to the car or let them run free in a fenced yard

    4. Alarms work!! But never forget to activate it, a week ago I guess I forgot to activate mine and someone [Im assuming a “neighbor”] stole my stereo and iPod!! There are guetto people EVERYWHERE not just in the projects!