Dumpster diving can be amazing
dumpster diving
Image by sigurdas
Stockholm, Sweden. Catch: Cashews and walnuts (~2kg), organic cashews (~1kg), raisins (~5,5kg), berberis berries (~1,7kg), potatoes (~1kg), muesli (1 kg), Hot Taco Spice Mix (around 400g, for 40 servings), herbal salt, salad (250g), light soy sauce, orange marmalade, vitaminized syrup.

More dumpster diving pictures: picasaweb.google.com/sigurdas/DumpsterDivingFreegan

More info on dumpster diving: trashwiki.org/

The public’s right to know or old fashioned dirt-digging?
AS NEWS organisations mobilised teams of reporters and even recruited online volunteers to scan more than 24,000 pages of emails from Sarah Palin, some critics accused the media of overkill at best and vigilantism at worst.
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Black Lips Record New Daytrotter Session
Black Lips ‘ Arabia Mountain hit stores yesterday, so it was only natural that they’d show up to Illinois’ Daytrotter to record some songs from it for one of the website’s sessions.
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