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  • Q&A: What to do about an apartment neighbor that reports us all the time to the apartment complex manager?…?

    Question by tihspidaru: What to do about an apartment neighbor that reports us all the time to the apartment complex manager?…?
    we have lived in an apartment for the past 7 mos…we paid a $ 300 non-refundable deposit for our 13 year old beagle/weiner mix dog and pay an extra $ 25 a month rent to have it here…when we first moved in there was a lot of dog crap around our building…there was one other dog here in the building at the time…i went and picked up 2 plastic grocery bags full of dog crap…we pick up after our dog every time it does #2…2 weeks after living here we got a letter from the office to pick up after our dog…the people that had the other dog were moving out in a month…i talked to the manager and she said that if there were no complaints after they moved then she would know it was them…well, we are 100% compliant, and i even will pick up dog poop that isn’t our dogs left by other dogs just so that we don’t get blamed for it…there is an elderly couple that lives in an apartment that is on the lower floor facing the parking lot here…they seem to send complaints about us and other people a couple times a month…one night we had 2 people visit for dinner…the next day there was a complaint of too many people parking in the visitors parking lot…they filed a complaint when we had furniture delivery when the delivery guys forgot to shut the door that allows us to get in the building…we got a complaint for having our dog off it’s leash (we live next to a woods and i let the 13 year old arthritic dog of it’s leash and it didn’t go more than 10 feet from me…now the guy filed a complaint that our dog is making some brown spots on the lawn from urinating…the letter we got from the manager said that we were not allowed to let our dog “ruin” the lawn…(i will get some patch seed and lay that down to fix a couple spots)…no where in our lease does it state that there is a place for a dog to urinate at…the latest incident with this elderly couple is putting me over the edge…the dumpster closest to our building is about 200 yards away…sometimes we will take the garbage out on the way to work…i had 2 bags and as i was putting them in the back, somehow i left one of the bags in the parking lot…when i only threw one bag away i went back to get the one i left behind…when i got back to the parking lot, the old guy was on his phone outside…after i threw that bag away i went to the office, and sure enough he had filed a complaint against me…i told the manager what happened and she said she is getting tired of all the complaints, but she has to “address” each one brought up, but wouldn’t be drafting up a letter this time…can this be considered harassment from the elderly couple?…we get along great with everyone here and love it here as well…we don’t have a lot of guest over…we only have one vehicle…we take care of our dog…what can we do to get these people off our backs?…this is getting real old!!!…other people in the building think that as well!!!…

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    Answer by OldJimmy
    Well, it may be too late for the best way to handle this. I’ve often found that meeting these people personally, waving and smiling when I see them, chatting them up when we pass, really smooths this sort of thing out. Complainers like this have a harder time ragging on people that are pleasant to them no matter what, even if it is just because it takes the joy out of if for them.

    The management is right, they have to address each complaint in a proper manner, but they know these people are like that so it helps a bit. I would ask them how they want you to respond to these complaint reports best so that you don’t jeopardize your residency there. Have a sit down, explain how conscientious you are about following the rules, etc., and what can you do to make their job easier in this situation since you can’t obey the rules any better than you are. They will appreciate that and might make it easier for you to respond to the complaints that are likely to continue from this couple no matter what you do. And it will get them to start perceiving these things from your point of view when they come in.

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