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  • Q&A: is this a good way to prepare for the great depresson of 2008?

    Question by linkinparkguy1980: is this a good way to prepare for the great depresson of 2008?
    sucks i had to pay over a dollar for it, some expensive depression i’m living in………this is how i cut my monthly expenses:
    1. I ride a bike everywhere I go
    2. I have no credit cards
    3. I dumpster dive once in a while, you can find some cool stuff
    4. I shop at salvation army, and take stuff out of their dumpsters as well
    5. I shop at yard sales
    6. I rarely wash my clothes unless a strong odor develops
    7. I always shop at aldi or budget discount stores
    8. I have no cable tv, i’m on the library computer for the internet, i do have a cell phone cause of my job but i gotta use it for work
    9. I live in my car when it’s nice out, I store my apartment stuff at a buds house and I shower at a friends house or just go to a beach and clean up cause they got showers too
    10. I eat one chinese buffet everyday around lunch time, only meal I eat everyday…I stick with the unglazed foods, the unfried foods, usually vegetables and GOOD chicken, not the BAD chicken they have there.

    Best answer:

    Answer by MerryJerry
    well good on you for making some changes..but don’t you think you could be missing out on life..and food?
    surely theres better ways to hold back without starving yourself/going through dumpsters! anyhoo…
    really support the bikeriding and charity shopping definitely a good thing cut down pollution and helping charity whats not to love! perhaps you should wash your clothes so you have friends for the great depression 2008!

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