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  • I need help with a big, big bug and trash problem…?

    Question by jmk08: I need help with a big, big bug and trash problem…?
    Ok, so over the years my parents have lived here in Florida, an enormous amount of trash has accumulated in my 4 acre yard. The worst part is that there is a HUGE 6-FOOT HIGH pile of trash right DIRECTLY behind my house!!! Now it’s gotten so massive that the government has threatened to do something about it. My parents bought a dumpster and we are cleaning it up day by day, but it’s so big, and there is so much half buried trash that it could honestly take a year of non stop work to clean up! Now the worst part of it all is that with this huge pile of garbage right behind my house, a lot of bugs get in naturally. (fleas and roaches) My parrents spray the house every so often (just recently in fact) And what did I see when I wlked into the kitchen 20 minutes ago? LIKE 2,000,000 FUCKIN ROACHES (more like 20+) What do I do?! They just wont go way! It could be another year before all that trash goes away, and I just can’t live like this!!!!!!

    Best answer:

    Answer by Michael K

    Get rid of the trash as quickly as possible. Hire a skip loader to come in and load up the dumpster(s) rapidly. Get that stuff outta there!

    The roaches, though…they gotta have a place to live too, right? That’s why they want to move into your place! So…trash gone, then you purchase several of those roach ‘bombs’. one for each room of your house, two for the garage, two for the kitchen. Close all the windows (really – I had to do this once myself) and starting at the room farthest away from the door, start setting off the aerosol bombs, moving quickly. set off the last one, run out the door, and leave it for at least 24 hours. You should come back to all sorts of little bug bodies laying all over the place.

    Now, you cannot do this if there is still a pile of trash outside. That’s gotta go first, and fast.

    Good Luck

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    2 Responses to “I need help with a big, big bug and trash problem…?”

    1. Combat roach baits. For large roaches. The kind to destroy the nest. Buy several boxes and encircle the trash area.

      I had an infestation when I moved into my overgrown house with a big roach breeding palm tree. The Combat traps did the trick after about three rounds. It takes a while, but they DO work. Put them in the house too. Hell, buy bulk. They’re the best thing on the market and they won’t poison you in the process.

    2. You need a professional trash remover and you need a professional bug person. Your infested and theres only one way to get rid of them…professionally. I hope your neighbors dont sue you … sure they have the same problem.