Question by Bret W: Can i replace my old processor(intel pentium M) wit a new one(AMD 64 dual core)?
i have several computers but only one works and i have been rebuilding it slowly, i got the main computer for free from a dumpster and once i loaded linux to an external drive and ripped out the internal the thing works great, only problem is that it is a little slow and i want to upgrade the processor and RAM, and maybe put a hard drive in it later but that’s no big deal right now. here’s what i know:

it’s a Gateway m320x and it currently has 512mb RAM(ddr1), no internal HDD(but it came with 20 GB IDE), Intel Pentium M 1.5Ghz processor.

i have a semi-new HP laptop laying around and it’s in a hundred thousand pieces, but i know where the processor is and i was wondering if it is possible to take the Intel(blech) out and throw in my AMD with no issues??? if not it’s no big deal but since i plan on going to the comp salvage yard tomorrow i was hoping to hear someone tell me that i can just throw the AMD in it and be on my way. either way i have to buy more RAM cause 512MB even on ubuntu isn’t much
EDIT: odds are that i am gonna try no matter what the general consensus here is, but i wanna ask just so when it decides not to work i’m not surprised

Best answer:

Answer by Vestrinex
The processor sockets are different, so the AMD CPU wouldn’t actually fit.
And if it did, the motherboard’s chipset wouldn’t know what to do with it :)

I really don’t think you would be able to swap the processors over.

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One Response to Can i replace my old processor(intel pentium M) wit a new one(AMD 64 dual core)?

  1. Ed M says:

    Intel and AMD use completely different sockets. What your trying will not work.