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  • Messed up in first post.How much would chocolate long haired chihuahuas sell for?

    Question by Mason: Messed up in first post.How much would chocolate long haired chihuahuas sell for?
    My aunt used to breed pure bred chihuahuas het for chocolate before she had them fixed and she had 2 chocolates within the 4 years of her breeding one the first year and the last one we got shes 14 weeks old. Our pup shes 50% het for long hair her gpa was and her dad is. If we were to breed her with a chocolate long haired would the pups be choc. long haired? My aunt sold her pups for $ 300 for females and $ 275 for males. Long haired are worth more right?
    She had the male fixed after the female had this last litter. When she was breeding we found this puppy mill who was trying to buy the pups and we were able to shut her down she was keeping 30 dogs in one room and was breeding them in another. Then the pups that were to small she would throw them in a dumpster behind her house. She has a court date soon. But anyways my grandma rescued one of the females and she was vicious shes settled down allot. The pups that were found were given away. The pups that my aunts dogs had she had the buyers sign a contract that every three months my aunt goes and checks on the pups and if the new owners cant take care of them she takes em back. Chihuahuas are very popular where I live at and they sell within about a week after their 12th week of being born. Since she quit breeding the people are trying to find them more than ever. So I might breed our chocolate with a long hair chocolate male for one litter and that be the last. And then get her fixed. Also there was only 5 chihuahuas that were used for breeding out of the years that my gma and my aunt combined were breeding the pure breds. They were Ginger+ Korky, Lexi + korky = coco, coco + pepper = my pup. Ginger was stolen out of my grandmas yard and we never found her the gate was broken open and she was gone. My grandma gave Lexi to her brother and he still has her. Korky was fixed about a year ago when my grandma rescued Annie from the puppy mill lady. Coco and pepper are both fixed now and live with my aunt whose had them since pups.
    Lol I’m not to worried bout the selling its the getting people to agree to the same contract outlines that my aunt had. The every 3 month check in is what used to get people that and the 6 month check up with the vet and they had to have proof they went. Out of the years my aunt bred she never had to take a pup back
    If you read the post you would see that they are registered and that my aunts and grandmas dogs are fixed ours is the only one that isn’t she will be fixed before the end of the year I can guarantee that. My mom already said no to breeding her. I never said these dogs were special did I? No. My aunt always suggested the shelters first, but the people didn’t want to drive the 50miles to go there so they got the pups. And she only sold to people who she knew or the people that bought knew.

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    Answer by Chris
    i wouldn’t buy one, you might be lucky if you could give one away 😛

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