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  • Cat/horse animal abuse on trashy property?

    Question by Soot: Cat/horse animal abuse on trashy property?
    A neighbor down the street has junk (old cars, scrap metal, etc) filling the backyard, with a cat infestation (could be anywhere from 20 to 50+ cats) all of which don’t eat well and are ill, so they roam the neighborhood, rummaging through dumpsters and getting our own cats sick repeatedly. Years ago, we adopted a runt kitten from them, and found out it had the equivalent of AIDS for cats. Then recently, these people got a HORSE! Yes, a horse. Though there’s no telling if it’s being cared for or not (they have a privacy fence), today it got loose and scared a group of small daycare children in their next-door neighbor’s front yard. When the owner came out to get it, he really didn’t have control of the animal and started hitting/slapping it on the face repeatedly with his hat while he led it back into his yard.

    Now here’s my dilemma… I live just a few miles (just minutes away) from the city, so I can’t get help from the city’s animal control or ASPCA. And it’s a city of just 175,000 people, so it’s not like we have a big ASPCA operation anyway. What can I do? Aside from the fact that doing nothing is inhumane to the animals, the problems are nuisance to everyone in the neighborhood and have been for years. My parents have yet to pursue the matter, but if I could find a form online to bring attention to it anonymously myself, I’d love to.

    P.S. If it helps, Texas laws would apply in this situation.
    EDIT: A neighbor said that the horse hadn’t had any food until she complained, at which point he put out two small bundles of hay. His excuse? “I’m saving up for a house.” (pathetic, he’s living with his parents, buys a horse, and then says he’s SAVING for something? Sell the horse!)

    Best answer:

    Answer by Ratty Rockstar
    If you live out of city limits and animal control and the ASPCA can not do anything because of that.. I suggest calling your counties police department and filing an animal abuse report with them. Animal abuse IS a crime, and if you file a report with county, since you are in the county and not city, they HAVE to investigate. Or they should.

    Heres a list of different animal abuse laws/statutes in Texas:

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