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  • if i go to a dumpster at my school to get scrap metal, will i get arrested?

    Question by Chris: if i go to a dumpster at my school to get scrap metal, will i get arrested?
    ok my auto teacher threw out like…500 pounds of aluminum and around 800 pounds of steel…i know i carried it all out there
    the techy people that work there threw out 6 spools of wires…
    all this together? like 300 bucks…insulated wiring is 45 cents a pound…theres about 100 pounds…prob more actually…aluminum is 45 cents a pound…steel is 5 cents and i believe theres cast iron to i didnt really check i think around half is cast which is about 30-50 cents a pound…and id REALLY like to take it tomorrow since im heading to the scrap yard on monday anyways i got a whole buncha shit from garbage day last wed. i got like 400 dollars wortha shit anyways i just want MORE money since im a greedy ass 17 year old who wants to buy a pointless crappy dodge caravan for 100 bucks so i can put a roll cage in it and just destroy the thing in a corn field somewhere…did that with a nissan altima i got for 500 and it was freaking fun as hell…
    will i get arrested? the dumpster is on my schools property….
    thats why i was thinkin id get arrested…for trespassing but i dont know i really wanna take it!

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    Answer by agendasuicyde
    maybe for trespassing…other than that most of time once something is in the trash its fair game.

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    3 Responses to “if i go to a dumpster at my school to get scrap metal, will i get arrested?”

    1. While it has been “thrown away” it is still possible for you to get in trouble and even possibly arrested for taking it. You should probably ask permission to salavage anything from the dumpster. Depending on wether it is posted on the dumpster to not take it. The contract the school may have with whomever picks it up you could technically be stealing. I know in my town anything put out for trash pickup becomes property of the city and you can get introuble for taking things from the curb. THough i have never heard of anyone getting in trouble for doing so. So while you more than likely wouldn’t get in trouble technically you could possibly get in trouble.