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    was a wonderful year for technology and video game advancement and 2011 encouraging to be an even far better year for video gaming – and following are the 5 best gaming trends that will make 2011 an excellent year for players.
    Motion Gaming
    The new year brought motion video gaming to the forefront with new Nintendo Wii online games the Xbox Xbox kinect and the PlayStation Shift – and what 2010 started 2011 will master. Your Kinect and Transfer hit the game playing scene in 2010 nevertheless that was only the begin. 2011 will bring concerning more motion managed games devices and may bring forth better usage for preexisting activity controlled devices.
    Animations Gaming
    3D video gaming barely made a blip around the gaming radar last year although as prices lower on expensive 3DTVs and they become more commonplace inside households and gaming developers start to focus more on 3D compatible games in 2011 players will see a surge within 3D support within the gaming world. This year will also mark the creation of the first handheld 3 dimensional gaming device the Nintendo 3DS and 2012 might also see surge to the first 3D console crosses fingers.
    The iPad and iphone 3gs have the world proceeding touch crazy along with although neither turn out primarily gaming units the gaming world still sees touchscreen technology devices as a risk – and an chance. Roll off dumpsters Tablets are still common in 2011 and arent likely anywhere anytime soon and also touchscreen gaming will certainly be on the rise next year.
    Mobile Gaming

    Until you have been living under a rock youd know that mobile gaming devices just like cell phones tablets and also handheld video games are alive and very well. 2011 will add several new mobile gaming systems the Sony NGP Nintendo 3DS rumored apple video gaming device and more new tablets and the apple ipad 2 and smart phones which will feature games and add extra mobility for gamers on the move.
    Social Gaming
    Online games on social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace are usually overlooked overly casual and silly moment wasters but lots of video gaming developers are clicking onto the social networking game playing scene and Next year will see the rise involving some very serious online community games.
    For more read The 5 Biggest Tech Trends that Got Over in 2010 Several Annoying iPad Video game Trends that Are Tormenting the iTunes Store and The 5 Main Gaming New Seasons Resolutions for 2012
    Check out my blog site for more Tech and also Gaming news. Roll off dumpsters Commercials advertising the upcoming 2009 Tour of Gymnastics Superstars have been showing during the Olympics. Here is your chance to see a number of the gymnasts that have been competing for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. The visit is scheduled to strike 38 cities throughout the U.S. starting off in September.
    Nastia Liukin had been shown on the ads as participating in your tour but it seems to be if she might have pulled out. Her title does not appear in this lineup anymore. Your woman probably received a lot of endorsement opportunities such as television appearances ever since she won the particular gold medal because the All-Around Olympic Champion. The latest array includes American Gymnastics Superstars Shawn Manley Chellsie Memmel Paul Hamm Joseph Hagerty Justin Spring Morgan Hamm Jonathon Horton Kevin Tan Shannon Miller and also Blaine Wilson.

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