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    Taxi driving in New York City or any place is a service business. In the case of taxi driving revenue is derived from one source for two reasons. The basic rate of fare. This is how considerably a visit bills according to the posted price. This really is normally managed by a municipal organization. In New york City the speed of fare is controlled through the New york Metropolis Taxi Limousine Commission. The other source of income comes from gratuities or tips. This is certainly to some degree controlled through the driver based on the level of support he provides to his client.
    No two taxi drivers earn the same amount. Earnings averages run the gamut from less than a hundred dollars per shift to as very much as three hundred fifty dollars per shift. This is net earnings after expenses in the pocket before taxes.
    What makes the difference The key variables are- Time working per shift. Luck can play a small part. Talent or skill. Endurance Funds spent on gasoline Time spent looking cruising for customers Safe Driving A cab while in the repair shop earns nothing -. Is dumpster diving legal in new york state – Like any profession the tricks of the trade a taxi driver develops will help as he becomes an accomplished professional.
    KNOWING WHERE TO GO AND WHEN TO BE THERE- By knowing where to be and when to be there the scope of cruising a taxi driver does looking for fares can be kept to a minimum.
    No one particular can limit where the passenger wants to go. This makes knowing where to go and when to go there all that a good deal more important. As soon as being a taxi driver knows the passengers destination he has time to plan where to point and drive the taxi after the fare in hopes of finding a new passenger as soon as possible. In some cases a fare will be standing waiting for the taxi as the passenger exits the cab. But this really is not always the case.
    Theaters transportation terminals convention centers and hotels all generate demand for taxi services. Knowing which show gets out at what time when planes and trains will arrive or local movie schedules and even what time shifts change at certain businesses are part of being a professional taxi driver.
    GOOD Service- Opening a door is not an outdated act of chivalry. It is the act of a conscientious chauffer aware of the comfort and value he is adding on the experience of his client.
    Can a taxi door be opened by a taxi driver every time a passenger gets in or out of a taxicab Probably not. The street hail aspect of the industry the riding public is used to has many passengers hailing and quickly getting in to your back seat of the taxi with no help from the driver. That being said it still allows for a large percentage of clients to have the door opened for them.
    The exact amount of extra income opening a door is worth in terms of income to an individual New york Metropolis taxi driver will never be known. But how many of those doors needed to be opened All of them The only question is who does the opening. Knowing this really is part of being a professional.
    GASOLINE- By limiting how far you cruise looking for a fare a taxi driver can conserve gasoline. this will reduce expenses and increase earnings. This can be done by knowing where and when to be places such as the Theater District when shows let out or from the financial district when workers get off from work.
    This does not mean a driver should avoid cruising. It means a driver should have an idea of why he is cruising towards a certain area. There is no reason to cruise towards a warehouse district if all the buildings are closed. But if there is actually a night club in a single of the warehouses a taxi driver might want to check out the area and see if anyone needs a taxicab.
    TIPS The second largest part of the income equation for a taxi driver is earned from gratuities. It is the custom in New york Town and most places to tip a taxi driver for good support. Some people tip very well and others less so. Nonetheless a taxi driver in New york Metropolis can expect to be tipped for most if not all rides.
    DID I MENTION TIPS As quite a bit as forty percent of a taxi drivers net income can be derived from tips. If good provider leads to better tips then providing good services is really a habit a professional taxi driver must develop.
    TRY SOMETIHNG DIFFERENT Little things that dont cost significantly or often cost nothing can be used to please your passengers and hopefully drive up income. Some drivers find free daily newspapers and give them to their customers. Some buy a stack of daily newspapers and leave them while in the back seat of the cab. A small investment adding value towards the customers experience. Some make sure to ask about a certain type of music the passenger might want to hear. One particular taxi driver in Ny Town gave his passengers peppermints.
    REMEMBER THE TIPS To Insure Prompt Support Bookings 350 Tips 100 Total 450 Cab Lease 130 Gas 50 Net 270 Tip Percentage of Net 37
    READ THE PASSENGER A drivers ability to understand and communicate well with the passenger will create a platform of comfort from which good provider can be enjoyed because of the passenger. The value added to their experience is necessary for a passenger to be inspired to increase the tip.
    RECOGNIZE THE MOOD If a passenger seems disturbed about something it is probably not wise to engage them in a conversation. On the other hand if a passenger asks the driver about himself the driver can then discuss a topic on which he is truly an expert.
    DONT BREAK THE RULES Wherever there is actually a taxi service there is sure to be a regulator. A metropolis or State agency overseeing propriety and safety. A driver must know the rules and follow them to avoid violations. Violation of rules by taxi drivers can cost a good deal in both fines and lost income. If suspension or revocation of a taxi driver license takes site a taxi driver in Ny City can lose his income all together. In 2007 dollars a driver convicted of violations that result inside suspension of his license for thirty days can lose as a good deal a 7000. of income plus 500. or more in fines.
    INCOME IS THE OTHER SIDE OF THE VIOLATION EQUATION On the other side of the violation equation is the tremendous earning potential of a Ny City Taxi Driver. From under a hundred dollars per shift to as significantly as three hundred fifty dollars per shift and more brings thousands of people each year to New york Metropolis.
    Are you looking for a career change Do you need a part time job or a weekend job Are you looking for a Summer Job during college
    To Find out The way to Get A Taxi License
    Master Cabbie Taxi Academy WWW.MasterCabbie.Com 718-472-1699
    c Terry Gelber All Rights Reserved 2007 Terry Gelber May be a Licensed Ny Town Taxi Driver Is dumpster diving legal in new york state More of the Best in Womens Fitness Competition
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