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    Weve all heard by now about the hundreds of Louisiana starlings which have fallen dead from the sky recently. These dead birds littered approximately a quarter mile of highway within Pointe Coupee Parish. Although the state biologists are still functioning around the clock to establish the precise bring about of death for the 500 plus birds the newest explanation hinges on the idea that fireworks had been the culprit of bird death this New Year.
    It has been less than a week since Beebe Arkansas reported 3000 dead birds lying face down in big groups. Analysis on these Arkansas birds show that they suffered severe internal injuries resulting in blood clots. Professionals report that youll find a number of motives why birds would just fall from the sky such as illness large starvation or cold fronts which rob the bird of its physique heat. Dumpster la plata maryland 1 explanation that has been proposed was that a higher pressure method came down from the north and began to converge using a low pressure program in the south leading to air turbulence resulting within the birds dropping from the sky. Lets also keep in mind that Beebe place is around the border from the New Madrid Fault zone and perhaps this is a precursor to a greater earthquake there within the near future.
    One more proposal brought forth involved fireworks or explosives. Men and women positioned in the towns nearby report hearing some unexplained loud booms various instances. They claim the sounds have been related to that which you hear emitting from cannons. Now suppose the government is experiencing with sound weapons. All they would need to do is decide the exact frequency that killed the birds.
    As if these red winged blackbirds had been not adequate to shake up the locals the Arkansas Game and Fish agency is trying to identify why 100000 fish inside the Northwestern part in the state turned up dead. Discovered along a 20 mile portion of Arkansas River involving Highway 109 Bridge along with the Ozark Dam were an estimated 100000 dead drum fish which have been washed ashore.
    Illness seems to be among the list of doable causes of these dead fish because a pollutant would have impacted multiple species observed within the river. Because the Drum fish is actually a bottom feeder maybe that may perhaps point the investigators within the appropriate path. Several of the fish that have been collected appeared nonetheless alive but visibly sick. These fish had been taken to a lab for analysts.
    Operating our way up the coast now we come to Gilbertsville Kentucky in which much more birds has been found falling from the sky. The excuse on this one originates from Cornell University where a biologist suggests that the birds had been asleep inside a single tree as a thunderstorm sucked them into the air disoriented all of them and fatally soaked and chilled them all.
    Just the other day a comparable circumstance occurred in Baltimore Maryland where a flock of birds mysteriously appeared to hit an invisible wall and just dropped down from the sky. In this case the falling birds were the lead to of a targeted visitors accident. Also here in Maryland the state Department from the Surroundings has stated that the thousands of fish which recently has been washing up onshore have likely died because of anxiety relating to the cold water. The fish involved here are pogy croakers and spots which should have swam to warmer waters before the strategy of the severe cold weather. Nobody seems to understand why the fish failed to do this.
    Possibly the Gulf oil spill impacted our oceans more so than we had previously thought. Could that be the issue occurring along the coast May be the legendary government program HAARP maybe the bring about of all these deaths If a single believes the accurate purpose behind HAARP is usually to control the climate than possibly this may be a valid explanation for the bird and fish deaths as reported from Arkansas Louisiana Kentucky and Maryland. Electromagnetic scalar weapons which can manipulate the atmosphere could be accountable for the bird die offs. With 3000 birds identified dead I recalled hearing how some preliminary tests with using HAARP on the ionosphere left quite a few birds dead from the resulting electromagnetic waves. It has been less than 1 decade since our military industrial complex set course on just this kind of testing.
    Maybe perchance the problem lies in the SAG-SRM operations this kind of as persistent contrails.. Has anyone thought in regards to the consequences from the upcoming enormous solar flares which are predicted for 2012 Or picture in the event you will that these birds are the guinea pigs of a newly produced DNA virus made to attack distinct DNA patterns only.
    Now that weve heard every one of the facts and science fiction theories which have been proposed let me inject my very own bit of imagination into this concern. In yet another associated story that some conspiracy buffs have combined using the dead birds and fish issues one of Americas prime experts in the field of biological and chemical weapons. John P. Wheeler III was brutally murdered supposedly immediately after he had threatened to expose our military testing of poison gas which has killed a large number of animals in Arkansas this past week. His military profession involved writing one of several Americas most important manuals based mostly upon the effectiveness of both biological and chemical weapons. In this manual which Wheeler wrote he recommended that America not use biological weapons whatsoever.
    Because the tale of intrigue continues these aerial spray planes are located at Tiny Rock AFB and above the previous handful of months happen to be involved with testing dispersants involving poisonous gasses in the country of Afghanistan. The gases have been retrieved from the chemical weapons stock obtained after the fall of Iraq and had previously been held at the Pine Bluff Arsenal in Arkansas.
    In the event you comply with this data incredibly cautiously you might recall that Russia has previously accused America of failing to disclose every one of the WMD held at Pine Bluff Arsenal. We are talking an estimated 63000 tons of poisonous gas known as Phosgene. This is one of many most feared chemical weapons in existence because it will literally cause the respiratory technique as well as the lungs to explode.
    It has been reported that a KC-767 tanker taking off from Small Rock to Afghanistan had created a malfunction leading to a computer system to start aerial spraying above central Arkansas as a result leading to the deaths the red-wing blackbirds.
    Supposedly the US environmental agency speedily went in and removed the five000 birds when wearing gas masks and hazmat suits. A single escaped report stated that the result in of death to those birds was from trauma inside the breast tissue leading to blood clots inside the physique cavity. Surprise folks as that may be exactly among the list of characteristics of Phosgene exposure. It is more believed that a second malfunction brought on the deaths from the 100000 fish inside the Arkansas River beneath comparable circumstances. Wheeler of course threatened to reveal what he knew concerning the chemical and biological weapons and as a result was eliminated.
    Now to all you persons who feel our government is above actions such as this let me remind you of various incidents that have occurred inside the past. In 1950 and onwards the government engaged openly in air tests as they sprayed main cities this kind of as San Francisco or New York with serratia marcescens bacteria or bacillus globigii. The CIA in 1955 released a bacterium above Tampa Bay so that you can test how it infects the human population. Once more in 1966 the Army dispensed bacillus subtilis bacteria variant B. niger inside the New York City subway program though in 1977 Senate hearings confirmed that 239 regions of important population in America had been contaminated with several biological agents. From 1949 to 1969 they contaminated Washington DC San Francisco Important West Minneapolis Panama City and St. Louis.
    In 1994 the people today at Oakville Washington reported modest blobs of gelatin like mass dropping from the sky and inside the year 1997 the residents of Everett Washington region reported a similar situation. The two CIA documents as well as the 1975 Congressional findings revealed that three locations in Florida mostly Critical West Avon Park and Panama City had been applied for government experiments involving mosquito borne dengue fever. Specific aircraft released above 600000 mosquitoes within the place. In Avon Park 150000 mosquitoes were dropped to earth in paper bags which were intended to open upon influence. Every of the bags contained 1000 insects. Some of the mosquitoes have been carrying yellow fever also.
    So there you may have it people as I leave it as much as your own personal imagination and fact gathering to figure out the truth or fiction of this report. I dont claim to have every one of the answers on the other hand Ive endeavored to present you the reader using a beginning point. Very good luck and might you be safe.
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