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    Ghost Adventures brains to West Va
    Looks like all the normal suspects are planning Halloween party specials this year while a couple are trying to keep mum about particular plans and spots. To date this is the line-up for Halloween 2009.
    Blurry HUNTERSAfter the popular Collargate incident last year its no surprise they may be shying away from the full live investigation. As a substitute theyre doing a crossbreed of re-runs encores as theyre called in the biz to make them sound much more exciting and are living interviews with Jason and Grant. Beef Loaf returns to be a Special Guest. is inviting enthusiasts to submit his or her ideas for episodes they need to see again – as if theyre not accessible year round and on Dvd and blu-ray already – to the Viewers Choice Marathon on April 31st. Wwwsamedaydumpsterscom No word on how long the marathon will be. Go to this site to complete the study and vote for ones favorites. Not the worst way to spend Halloween party. And in my opinon your jury is still out on Collargate. I think some people had been very hard on them a year ago and read an awful lot in to hand movements style hands in storage compartments suspicious instructions being given through their earpieces etc. Come on folks its television and complicated. Theyve got the full crew they need to get close to with the producer and the camera people they may be being asked to take their marks to set up specific shots theyre necessary to get the guest interview in at pre-determined things and more. That doesnt mean it really is fake it simply indicates there are certain inherent issues in producing a live show. Ghost Predators doesnt use the minimal style of Ghost Adventures thus there is far more engaged from a technical point of view.
    GHOST ADVENTURESA few amigos are airing a live investigation from the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum on October 30th. This lockdown begins at 7-00 pm and may continue for seven hours. As I said it takes braveness to do a live show and Im not sure Id personally ever want to test it. So much can be wrong – after which theres the problem of sheer boredom. Quite often nothing much occurs during an investigation and only afterwards space during the evidence critique process – of which any real treasures are brought to light. The particular temptation to cheer things up must be pretty much overwhelming. Well at the very least theyll have the tranquil needed to actually do an investigation. For most groups Trans Allegheny takes a minimum number of people way more than only 3. When R.My spouse and i.P. visited very last November we had with regards to 20 membersguestsguides and it seemed to be too noisy to have much of anything. Although the location is huge when you add in all the investigators in addition to the guides it gets to be a lot smaller. We all broke up into groups but we nevertheless ran into one another all the time and the attempted EVP sessions have been ruined by noise contamination. WARNING PET PEEVE AHEAD- We may have been able to do a reliable investigation though when certain investigators had been able to keep their teeth shut for more than A short period at a time. If youre a Chatty Trina sorry to be prejudiced but it IS mostly girls who are the culprits this field isnt available for you. A major part of paranormal analyzing is simply sitting quietly waiting for something to occur. People who have to yak consistently dont make very good ghost hunters. Back to our investigation- Mrs . took an interesting picture of a possible shadow person. Weve been diligent about eliminating doable human suspects for this one. At the time it turned out taken everyones location have been accounted for so we are certain that there were no living people at that particular position at that particular period.
    MOST HAUNTEDYvette and corporation are being particularly cagey about their locations. Yep you read that right its locations plural. Most Haunted is apparently organizing an eight nighttime special series beginning October 24th in addition to running all the way through Halloween night. Rumor is that the first location is Morecambe Winter Gardens in Lancashire United kingdom. Theyre calling this Eight Faces of Evil also it should be enough to meet Most Haunted fans for quit some time.
    PARANORMAL STATELooks as nevertheless Ryan and the team are not planning a Halloween party broadcast however you are invited to join these individuals on a pre-Halloween Field Vacation to the Stanley Hotel October 23rd – 25th. According to the website seat tickets are still available for 260 per person. Fairly low-cost for a full timetable of workshops ghosting hunts a seance plus a Masquerade Ball. A complete schedule is available on the site.
    I will update this list with more details seeing that theyre revealed. In case you have any additional information or special events to add you should let me know about them. Contact me at- or leave a Comment underneath.

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