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  • 40 yard garbage compactor smashing

    Hope you all enjoy this as much as I did! This is a powerful self contained compactor, almost reminds me of many asl bodies…I’ve known about this for the past month, but finally found a full hopper this weekend. Usually people pack after each small load and doesn’t leave any good shots.

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    6 Responses to “40 yard garbage compactor smashing”

    1. I like these self-contained compactors, never see them in action though as they are always kept in loading docks or enclosed with chutes. Neat how electricity runs the blade, but you can hear the power in that whine as the blade cycles. I’d like to get some shots of one at the local mall – they load 660L bins on the lifter and there is an actual viewing area of the packer. Just love watching the blades at the transfer station, they are beastly! Nice footage.

    2. That’s so weird how it’s a 2 stage blade and how it retracts…Never seen a compactor like that.

    3. Nice my apt complex has one like this!!! but you load it form the front. i have 2 videos of it!!!