In this short video preview from Building Green TV’s first season (airing on PBS), host Kevin Contreras introduces the excitement and benefits of recycling house parts, including the deconstruction of the structure that previously existed where he built, as well as treasures he discovers for the construction of his new straw bale home. Visit for more information and opportunities to share your experiences with others.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to BGTV’s introduction to Dumpster Diving!

  1. raymondleeleggs says:

    Dumpster diving is a good way to find good 1980’s stereo amp!

  2. bluemountaindrivepae says:

    I am tearing down a old building. Junk man Paul works harder for metal and $5 than a pro clean up crew works for $350. It is expensive to demolish and send it to landfill.

  3. vaguelyreptilian says:

    @redicculus totally missed the point.

  4. slammeddown says:

    I was dumpster diving back in my tweaking days and one night I got out of my VW beetle and walked up to this dumpster that was inside this enclosed area made out of cinder blocks. I wasn’t paying attention and when I walked up I stepped in a big pile of fresh shit someone just took and almost hyper extended my knee as I slipped and almost fell on my ass. Man that shit stunk. I had to take my shoe off and put it in the front trunk of my bug and as I drove the smell came into the cab. Never again

  5. slammeddown says:

    Digging in other peoples trash is a good way to get staph infections too.

  6. colin340 says:

    @redicculus WHY? there is no away?

  7. MissWooHoo1 says:

    most companies would charge you for stealing just so you know.

  8. redicculus says:

    Go buy something and support the economy instead of scrounging like bottom-feeders, stupid hippies.

  9. eminemfloop2695 says:

    @reinkarnation or you could salvage some of the billions of pounds of garbage thats thrown in landfills and polutes the air and water and lifestyles of every person and animal. either way.

  10. reinkarnation says:

    @ratzingersarat or you actually work hard. either way.

  11. SirBubbaGumb0 says:

    Great video, and some good points made.

    I’m surprised that people still pay £’s to hire a skip/dumpster, when it only takes an advert where people can take your unwanted stuff away – for free!

  12. MetallicBill says:

    I beat that, found a 40 to 50 inch Sony rear projection at the curb around my area this past winter, It was FAR TOO big to move to my car, but I tried to over night, two days later it was gone! If I had help and a pickup to move it. I live on a third floor however, and this thing was likely 55 inches I think, it was too wide for my car really

  13. MetallicBill says:

    I hate bragging about it unless the find is really startling. I recovered a G3 Mac someone through out, and as well, Toshiba A25 laptop. A Windows XP Home chassis Presario with AMD, 1.6Ghz. Had to add HDD and memory on my own though

  14. Yummers420 says:

    i really really really liked this vid. the guy was cool, fun, and it really looked like some old school educational vid. )no offense, but like those corny actors that come on to teach lil kids about whatever subject… lol.) i would watch when i was in elementary, or even high school. . now if only they would actually use these kind of lessons in places to educate more pple… hmmMmm..

  15. thepurevandal says:

    hahah word up man!!!