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  • What can we do about the drug rehab. next door?

    Question by darscritters: What can we do about the drug rehab. next door?
    We purchased my Grandparents home 10 yrs ago.At the time a Nursing Home for the Aged was next door,they were friendly,quiet and we had no problems.3yrs ago the Home was sold and turned into a Drug Rehab for men.Since then we have had to put up with smelly garbage cans that face our yard (the nursing Home used to have a dumpster located in a different area) Rehab residents walking up and down our street all day and half the night, and subjected to filthy language and loud talk.Directly across the street, our neighbors have concerns about their small children that catch the bus in front of the house and play in the yard.We would like to know who to contact about the issues we are having? Also we have privacy fence on our property, however we cannot put one up on the side that faces the Home, due to their 60ft Chinese Elm Trees being less than 5ft from our drain field. Can we make them put one up?

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    Answer by TB2
    I would think a drug rehab center should have some sort of state agency that oversees and regulates them, find out who it is a talk to them.
    They probably won’t go for putting up a fence, those places are not into making improvements for the neighbors sake.
    Contact your local health dept about the trash, call the housing dept about the conditions, have cars towed off if you can legally do it.
    You and your neighbors contact every local agency you can, report every violation you can think of, harass and fine them till they just shut down and move.

    In the meantime, a few rows of bamboo will provide a nice, thick, natural and fast growing fence on the side facing the center,,,,and a dog wouldn’t hurt either.

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