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  • This is now one of my favorite trucks! A bit of a Frankenstien, but cool!

    This is that slightly mystery truck in action, Duane Bowles says it’s an Able Body, and he may be right, but there is not written proof on the truck, I sill think it’s a C&O a little bit, but hell any preconcieved notion about trucks in So-Cal might as well go out the window, there really is no way to tell who made who. EIther way, this truck, powered by Detroit Diesel is the yard truck. Enjoy!

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    17 Responses to “This is now one of my favorite trucks! A bit of a Frankenstien, but cool!”

    1. Ohh ok, thought there would be some kind of connection because of the identical paint scheme… they must’ve have bought a lot of companies, because there seems to be a lot of those “independent” haulers with the EDCO colours.

    2. Old Crusty Able Body Front Loader with WhiteGMC WXLL42… This is unbelievable.
      I wish if there’s a roll off truck there..
      Nice Vids..

    3. Trico’s probably just a small company that got bought out by Burrtec/EDCO (like Avco Disposal–just part of Burrtec of Victorville). There’s a fair few of these independent companies w/trucks in EDCO colors (meaning they were bought by them) that exist up in the mountains in the area…Jack’s Disposal = another perfect example.

    4. These detroit engines are real screamers!!! Cool footage, this truck looks ancient as… how old? Also is Trico a division of EDCO by any chance? — just the paint scheme seems similar. Not entirely sure on the make are you? — that’s a first for you vintage specialists hehe What are the strongest leads on the manufacturer?

    5. Frankenstein…..LOL!

      You must be getting out into the Inland Empire a lot more lately, still lots of old trucks in operation out there….

      Looks like you guys are having lots of fun!

    6. WOW! thats old, is the right arm bent or is the hydrolic just a little behind the left one?

    7. I also have an MSL with an almost identical body shape. Plus in my scanned album I have a few other trucks that are just like this truck.

      Lets just say, you’ll be quite shocked once Zach writes the new update for the So-Cal album. We learned quite a bit on our trip, especially about ABC.

    8. You want to know something else that really got me going… I looked within the cab and saw a badge that said Wayne Engineering 1992. I was SO STOKED… but when I told Duane, he said no way. and said that is no doubt an ABC. Apparently the City of LA sold a bunch of trucks, and Burrtec/Edco decided to buy a bunch of them, chop the frames and mount bigger trucks on them.

    9. Also found another in my unknowns file that you sent, METRO DISPOSAL. Blue Cargostars with silver bodies. (Might be a scan of one of your old photos). Very similar, especially the rear body and bracing around the rear doors

    10. Re; your description- I checked my ABC files and couldn’t find anything like this…but alas finally found one that was nearly identical (paint wise) but marked AVCO DISPOSAL. It was from a set you sent me back in 2006, and I remember thinking that it didn’t look like the normal bulge-side ABC. But that’s how it was tagged, so I left it alone.

      Now at last, here’s another one, identified by someone who would know (Duane). Otherwise I would have guessed Maxon, which shows what I know !